Yale Smart Lock and automated disarming of security (Australia)

Looking to add a Yale Smartlock to my setup (from Australia). Primary goal is to allow access to home for my children/relatives who don’t have access to the smartphone app AND at the same automate the disarming of the alarm.

It appears you can automate the disarming of the home security monitor in the new app now, so keen to know if the Yale Smartlock can also act like any other switch/device to trigger this. Would like to be sure this would be possible before purchasing the Yale Lock.

Secondarily, would people recommend zigbee or z-wave for the lock given you can choose which module ??

Thanks in advance.

Are you looking at using STHM or just an alarm?

You can check out this app which allows you to manage your lock and create custom actions for each user code which can control devices including arming/disarming alarms. For STHM there is a way to handle that too, see this link:

Both ZigBee and ZWave work well. There are differences between how ZigBee and Z-Wave works as a technology. You’re good with either one in general. If you’re looking to use some of the advanced features of your Yale lock like auto relock, wrong codes, audio, privacy etc you may want to consider using the Z-Wave module with this Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DTH.
Either way make sure you add a repeater between your lock and your hub for a better experience.

You could just use Webcore to do this which is free. Yes you can do what you are asking. :slight_smile:

Yes using STHM. Thanks for the suggestion on LUM - will explore further.