Yale real living keyless deadbolt displays incorrect status

Well, I noticed another behavior now. The status is reported correctly but for an hour only. For some reason the z-wave reports “unlocked” after exactly an hour, even if the lock has been locked all this time (no lock/unlock has happened during that hour) So not sure if there is any other line I need to modify to allow the zwave update Smartthings hub every hour with curren status?

Do you know of this is happening with Zigbee protocol? I am thinking to migrate to it :thinking:

Did you try to repair your lock within few feet of your hub?

As far as zigbee is concerned, I cannot tell you as I don’t have any zigbee locks.


The distance between the Hub v2 and the Lock is exactly 4 meters (13 feet away). Unfortunately, I cannot repair it closer than 3 meters (11 feet). Do you think that can cause this issue? Do I need a repeater or is better to move to Zigbee as I do have smartthings things all around

Also, When I perform “lock” via the custom device handler it locks fine and status remains, but what I have noticed is that when you manually do Poll, Refresh, Ping (health check) via the custom device handler reports the device as unlocked even when it’s locked. So no matter if is locked and remain locked, once something request an update, it will report it as unlocked.

All the functionality works fine (automation), but I do really want to see the real status at any time.

Usually, when you have persistent status issues, the only thing to try is to re-pair within few feet (much less than 11 feet). You need to bring your ST hub really close (using a power cord extension & long ethernet wire), exclude it and re-pair it.

That’s my last tip on the topic.

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Well, I found the way to have the hub closer (3 feet) and it seems is fixing the issue so far. I will wait for an hour with the hub that close and see if the status change, if doesn’t change, then I will move the hub to the original location and test too. I am not longer using the custom device handler and the Lock status remained for more than 10 mins (something was not happening before).

Thank you very much for your time and advice. I will let you know how the TESTs goes.

Thanks again

Wanted to see how this was working for folks, as I think I am experiencing something similar with my new Yale YRD446 (z-wave/BT)

Basically when it gets polled it reports being unlocked (even though I know it is locked).

I’m going to try to do a factory reset on the device, and I will also try moving my hob very close while I do the pairing.

I’ve seen folks refer to “exclude” before repair, but I am not sure what is meant by that.

Also, I am using this device handler:

See this page 17:

Option No 7 -> Exit the network, this is exclusion.

To do this, Open your SmartThings Mobile app, open your device, click on the gear icon (preferences) and scroll down and click on Remove. Then follow the instructions (don’t Force Remove it). After it starts the removing process you’ll have to follow the instruction from the manual above to complete the exclusion process (option 7 -> 3)

Once excluded, then reset the lock and then pair it again (option 7 -> 1)

Got it, thanks!

Wondering if I should have bought the august pro instead…

Well, I don’t think that helped. I had the ST hub about 1.5 feet away from the lock when I had it join the network and it is still that close.

But it, again, keeps reporting itself as unlocked even when it is clearly locked.

Yale is an excellent lock. I think you may just have a bad z-wave chip or a bad lock, their customer service is great!.

Are you sure you’ve got it installed the right way. One user installed the lock in reverse (upside down) while another user had an issue with the direction (left door or right door) (you can change the direction of the lock I think, see your manual). So every time it was locked it reported unlocked and when it was unlocked it reported locked.

If that’s what you’re seeing then it may be your settings.

I think it is pretty hard to install upside-down since they numbers would look wrong… My door opens right to left. It appears to be configured properly as it is right-side up with the deadbolt moving to the right.

I started working with Yale support, but they were pointing the finger at the ST hub, and suggesting I reset it and update firmware etc…

I’ve removed it, but old dumb deadbolt on. Waiting for new August. One thing I like about the august design is that it seems like their app is a better design (the twist unlock is just goofy IMHO).

Oh, I think my lock does “handing” when it is first installed. It basically tries to lock/unlock to determine if it is right/left handed. that part was done.

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Hi, I get the following error message when I use the code. Is there something that needs to be updated?
Any help is highly appreciated.

“No signature of method: script_app_metadata_546a016c_f039_416a_9c1f_a96c2e8d2303.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script_app_metadata_546a016c_f039_416a_9c1f_a96c2e8d2303$_run_closure1) values: [script_app_metadata_546a016c_f039_416a_9c1f_a96c2e8d2303$_run_closure1@5cc72db5] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)”


You’re copying and pasting the code as a smartapp, not a DTH (wrong section of the IDE).


Any donation for support is appreciated!


I would check your device handler and ensure you are using a custom one to start with. RBOY is worth the money and works well. Sometimes pairing sets up some wonky sh*t. Mine original shows up as a thing but even the standard lock device handler gave me fits. I also would use live logging in smartthing and see what it pulls. You can also try to do the simulator and see what its doing.

Thanks that helped.
Now when it does a poll at the end of the hour, the status is again displaying as unlocked in ST.

See my previous post.

If anyone is able to send me the rboy code for the yale locks to test out i
would love to see if it fixes my problems before i decide to shell out the
cash for it…


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Hi, just as a word of advice, a developer’s code with a copyright cannot be shared as he/she is entitled for royalties. What you’re asking is not only inappropriate but illegal.

To send you the code would be a violation of the Rboys license and someone who would do it could be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

SmartThings is very sensitive to any copyright violation under its platform…I’ve personally asked SmartThings to remove code from developers who were not respecting my copyrights and the ST people have been very swift to remove the faulty code.


Ditto here.