Yale Nextouch Lock and Rboy

Hi !
First time posting here.
I’ve installed a Yale Nextouch commercial Lock on my front door (multi-unit) with Rboy DHS and Smartapp.
I’ve created users with different pins (that worked very well).
My problem is when I change a PIN for an existing user, it takes a very long time to update the pin to the lock (a problem for me since i will be changing one of the pins very often).
I tried enabling incremental updates only without luck.
Any help welcome!


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You can adjust the programming on the first page of the SmartApp, by default it’s set to 60 seconds because most folks have just a single hub and a weak network mesh. If you have multiple active repeater devices and a strong network mesh you can reduce that value to say 15 seconds. That would speed it up 4 times.

Also, note that once you click Done and make the changes, the code(s) that were changed will be updated within 10 seconds however for security purposes it will verify and recode all the codes again. So you should be able to see the update immediately but the complete verification cycle will take time (number of codes x programming delay).

Hope this helps! Our goal is to make the App VERY VERY reliable with minimal input from the user, so a trade off by default the settings are more conservative assuming a basic mesh setup. Advanced users can play with the advanced settings to optimize it for your their needs.

Thanks for the prompt response.
Changing codes is not working properly for me. I change the code of an existing user and it won’t update to the lock. What can I do to fix this?
I just pm’d u the logs when I change a code for an existing user.
Again thanks for your help

Not sure about your problem statement, in your first post you mentioned it’s taking a long time (which is by design), now you’re referring to the codes not changing. If you’ve set the interval too short or your Z-Wave mesh is not strong enough then you will end up losing codes (which is why the default is set to 60 seconds). Sometimes if you mesh is weak it can take extra long to complete programming since it will keep retrying until the lock confirms the programming.

How many active devices (line voltage powered) do you have between the lock and the hub?