Yale entr lock model

Am facing some issues with Yale entr lock as it’s nit connecting to smart things hub and it’s not closing automatically anyone facing similar issue ?

I believe the Yale ENTR models only has Bluetooth… is that correct? If that is the case, you would not be able to connect it to the ST hub.

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Yes it is Bluetooth but isn’t Alexa works with Bluetooth too if not then is their any other ways to connect the lock to the house devices or I should change the lock ?

For what its worth EveHome did a while ago - now a long while ago announce a HomeKit compatible version of the Yale ENTR lock.

See - https://www.macobserver.com/news/product-news/elgato-homekit-door-lock-smoke-detector/

Since HomeKit supports both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and EveHome aka Elgato have historically used Bluetooth for their other HomeKit products this has some logic.

I just checked and there is no new news regarding the availability of this lock.

As the Yale ENTR is a smart Euro Profile style lock you could consider getting an alternative one which is compatible. Nuki would be my choice.

There is a Nuki app for Smartthings.

See - [RELEASE] Nuki Manager for Nuki Smart Lock with Automatic Discovery, Install and Real Time Updates

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Thank you so much that was so helpful actually do you have an idea what would be the best lock to operate with everything same time price wise to be fair not high ?

As I mentioned I would look at the Nuki lock. The choices of Euro profile smart locks is not huge and they are all similar prices. Another example is DanaLock but it is less flexible than the Nuki.

See - https://nuki.io/en/