Yale door contact EF-DC 868Mhz integration

I have a hub 2 and I also have a Yale SR alarm system. Looking through other posts I see that it is not easy to integrate. The Yale system uses 868Mhz so I was wondering if there is any way to double use a door contact. I want to leave it in use with the Yale system but then also get it to trigger my porch light turning on with an automation. Does anyone know if it is possible to add the door contact to the hub and if so could advise how.


Are you in the US? You mentioned ST hub v2, which was only released in the US. There is a UK version of the ST hub that’s equivalent to the US v2 hub, but since there was no v1 hub in the UK, it’s just known as the ST hub there.

If you have a US hub, then it will not work with a system that uses the 868 MHz frequency.

Even if you have a UK hub, which does have a z-wave radio that operates on the 868 MHz frequency, it may or may not work with the system you mentioned. Does that Yale system use z-wave? I believe there are other wireless protocols that work on the same frequency, and the UK ST hub won’t support those.

Hi Mark, it seems I may have some of my facts wrong. I’m in the UK And have a UK version. I believe the Yale system is bespoke, my thoughts were that it was 868Mhz that there may be a way to grab the signal

I don’t think that’s possible. Someone like @JDRoberts could probably confirm.