Yale Connexis L1 Battery change

You’d do better calling them. I did so this afternoon, they seemed surprised nobody had got back to me.

Before I even mentioned ST, they mentioned it to me. They seem to be able to correlate the battery issue with an ST firmware revision, and have asked me for some information. They appear to be building some evidence in order to approach Samsung.

The more people they are aware of with the issue the better.


Finally got hold of Yale, had no response from emails and finally got to speak to someone
as reported before by other members Yale are aware of the issue and they believe its the ST firmware thats causing the fault, and are waiting on a firmware update fro ST to fix , he also said module is fine and no need for me to update to zwave mod 2 , so now i think i have to wait for a fix to the firmware

I asked Yale about the reset and they said it wont make any difference and connexis is awkward to reset as well - but who knows

I found the problem eventually to be the Smartthings stock device handler. I switched to RBoy’s DH and it works well and does not drain the batteries.

Unfortunately the module is not working at the moment, and I’m getting a replacement. However once I have that I’m confident that combination will be good.

Is the new device handler costly?
Do you have a link

Link: [RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock, Schlage Lock, Yale Lock, Kwikset Lock, IDLock, DanaLock, August Pro and Samsung Lock Device Handler with Alarm Control, Notification, RFID, Door Sensor and advanced features

He asks $20 for a year, or $35 for lifetime access to all of his handlers and smartapps.

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finally got a response form Yale

This issue is on the Samsung side, we advise speaking with SmartThings consumer support to see if there is an update available for your hub.


odd that i haven’t had a battery issue since i took the module out - so it would seem that the module is causing the issue - whether that be Yale or smartthings i have no idea

so looks like the only way to get it to work properly is to pay up for DH, or wait for Smartthings to do an update

I’m not so sure about that now. I’m still experiencing the battery drain with the alternative DH.

I believe the improved battery life I was getting was down to the module losing connection to the hub.

I suspect that having the module installed but not connecting to ST might not give the issue, which I’ll try next.

ok let me know how you get on

doesn’t look good that we cant get the module to work with ST without it draining the batteries

anyone know of any different door locks that actually work for a long time with ST, don’t want to keep replacing the batteries on the lock because the module and ST cant work well together

My setup is now working well. The only change I’ve made is to prevent Alexa seeing the lock. I’m getting much better battery life.

So problem is only with Alexa? Anyone have battery issue without Alexa or with Google assistant?

you say much better - any ideas on battery life length or too early to say

will remove yale from my alexa and try again

without alexa and no module in my yale lock , the lock has lasted a few months without any issues with batteries
i cant actually recall when i changed them last.

Too early to say for me. I used to get less than a week, but I’m in week 3 now with no problems.

Alexa doesn’t seem to be a general problem (others are OK) but it seemed to make a difference to me. Either that or something else has changed.

ok at least its a start

ill set mine up today again and delete the device from alexa - didnt use that option anyway and monitor it - ill also put new batteries in today and see when it runs out

@RobC20 @John_Crighton Hello! How are you guys getting on with your batteries? I am not using SmartThings for now and only trying with Home Assistant but my battery use is just ridiculous. I ran through a set of batteries in 3 days and now, with a new set, I am at 80% in 1 day so it would give me a “better” usage if it continues like that but wow, it’s pretty bad.
I don’t have my lock in Alexa so the next time the batteries run out I will remove the module and see how the battery usage goes.


I don’t use the module at all not installed and get months and months of use with the door

Can’t even remember last time I changed batteries it

Is the module causing the issue yale say SmartThings and smartthings say yale

Thanks for letting me know, the next thing I will be doing when this set of batteries runs out is remove the module! 100% it’s Yale seeing I’m using Home Assistant only and my battery life is appalling.

I had the same problem initially, approx 3 days with brand new premium batteries.

After I removed Alexa (really don’t know if it was the cause) I get about 10 weeks from a set, which is tolerable for me.

I have moved on to rechargeables though, and due to the slightly lower voltage they can misrepresent life remaining, and may fail rather quickly. Bearing that in mind, I’m happy.