Yale conexis L1 what do I need to show in app when and what fob tag or card is used

Ok, hi everyone, let’s start with I’m a bit of a technophobe, I installed this lock with the intentions of knowing when and if my teenage son was coming home at night.

I use the app history, and it shows when he uses his iPhone virtual app key to unlock the door, but now he’s asking for a card/tag which I’ve found does not show up on the app history.

I’m very confused (after reading too much information on internet) what I actually need to achieve what I want

All I have is the lock and app, I’ve read I need a module, smart things hub, Alexa etc but could someone please please tell me if I can get what I want (waking in morning and checking app to see if door was activated by a card/tag/fob) and what I actually need

If your lock is sending the RFID/Fob usage information over zwave then you need a device handler egg at can capture that information and process it, like this:

You can also use with an app like this to get push notifications