Yale Conexis L1 unlocking through geolocation?

Total newbie to ST here (only set up the hub today), so forgive me if this is a stupid question. I’ve just installed a Yale Conexis L1 with Z-wave module, hoping to be able to use geolocation to unlock the door when I or my husband arrive home. I had read that you can create a routine in the classic app to do this. Unfortunately I have now discovered that routines aren’t possible anymore in the classic app. Is there a different way to automatically unlock the door based on geolocation?

The Classic app is scheduled to be retired on Oct. 14, 2020 so you will need to install and use the new app. You can enable location in the new app and use it with automations to achieve unlocking tHe door when you arrive.

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Welcome! :sunglasses: As @jkp noted “routines” from the classic app have been replaced with a combination of “automations” and “scenes” in the new V3 app.

Thanks guys. So I think I managed to get it to work once, but only because my phone was at 1% and had put itself in battery saver mode. When I disabled that at the door to allow geolocation again, the door unlocked. When I tried again with full battery this evening, after having gone for a walk, it didn’t unlock. I think it had unlocked itself earlier and then relocked itself. Other than a manual delay, is there any way of achieving what I want, or is it a pipe dream? Can I make the radius smaller? 250m doesn’t seem very much on the one hand, but on the other maybe it’s too much? Or is there a way of stopping it relocking itself? I can’t find anything for that in either ST or the Yale Conexis app.

Try to disable the geo location on your ST app, delete any extra mobile presence devices you may see on that page, renable it and then check your automations again to ensure they’re using the correct presence sensor. Sometimes it gets stuck and needs to be reset.

You can also use the LUM app to manage your lock and automatically lock/unlock your locks using presence sensors and more more features.