Yale Assure locks randomly offline in new app

I have five Yale Assure locks with z-wave modules. One or more off the locks will randomly go offline and later back online in the new ST app. When offline, the locks are not accessible in the new app Th old app shows them as online and I can still control them in the old app. Once I use the old app to lock or unlock the “offline” lock, the new app again shows them online. This has been happening since I started using the new app a few months ago.

Check out this topic which may help explain some of the issues:

When devices are offline (i.e. they didn’t respond to the hub “ping”), the app doesn’t let your control it. This I believe will be fixed in a future ST app update but addressing the root cause may go a long way in avoiding issues down the line.

All of these locks are within two or three feet of mains powered Z-wave Plus switches or outlets and are routed through those devices, except the lock nearest to the hub and it is connected directly to the hub.

Assuming that you’ve verified by looking at the routing table in the IDE that they are routing through the repeater device. Is so then you may having an issue with your repeater device losing packets. Try to exclude and re-pair it or maybe try a different devices. I’m assuming this is happening consistently and not a one off thing (locks going offline) which could be just related to a ST platform temporary issue.

i had a yale z-wave lock that went offline last week, connected directly to hub… other two were fine.

Same here since migration to the new st app yale l1 keeps going offline