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Xiaomi Zigbee Socket DTH(with Power, Energy meter)


(ShinJjang) #1

This DTH is available for the sockets shown below. It is not perfect yet.

This DTH works well both SmartThings Classic App and SmartThings New App.

[Xiaomi Curtain DTH GitHub Repository Integration - Owner : shin4299 / Name : XiaomiSJ ]

Code Link

Xiaomi Zigbee Outlet (Steps to Pair any Xiaomi Zigbee device!)
(Babar Khan) #2

Working! Great.

(Babar Khan) #3

Everything working great. Only one problem, temp sensor is shown in Smartthings tiles but cannot be added as temperature sensor in Webcore. Energy meter is working fine in both.

Edit: I was able to add temperature in webcore too by adding [DeviceName:temp] but has to be refreshed manually to update