Xiaomi Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type [beta]

Hi! I’m ordering a door/window sensor and a motion sensor to test them with ST. Do I need a Xiaomi gateway to figure out the ZigBee ID or is there another way?

The simplest answer is no you don’t.

All you need are the community supplied Device Handlers installed in the Smart Things IDE.

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I know pairing them with ST is a pain in the a*#, could you please tell me what’s the easiest/best way to do that?

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The best way for me is to use the catch all methode which has been discussed to death above.
You will first install the device handlers in My Device Handler tab in IDE.
Followed by going to your hub’s “List Events” link.
Starting the pairing mode in the ST app.
Holding the reset button on the device (may be a PIN hole.) for a few seconds untill the light flashes rppedly and turns off.
At which time you will release the reset and will see the light on the device flash a few more times and Stop.
Than you will refresh the page view in the ST IDE to see the catch all info. it will be something like D8C1. But deffinatly 4 cheracters long.
Open another websight tab to the Hub Devices tab in IDE and click on the +New Device button.
There you will enter the name for the device you want to create and on the line where you see the “Network Id” you will enter the catch all info.
After that, you will need to select the Device “Type” from a drop down and chose one of the Xiaomi device handlers you created from code.
Select you location and the hub from respective drope downs and click on the “Create” button.
Go back to the ST app and you may need to stop and start the device inclution procced in the app for the new device to pop-up.
You are Done!

I will create a pictorial if you still need instructions.


Has anyone written a handler for the Aqara double wall switch (Battery powered)?

@tommyincville check out this thread, it relates to work being attempted on the Aqara switch (not battery powered mind) Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee Switch DTH--help needed


For future reference, does anyone know how to replace the battery on a Smart Button please? I have one controlling 2 smart bulbs.

Thanks in advance

There is a tab on the back of the device. When you lift it up, you will be able to rotate the back plate of the Original Xiaomi Button.

A tab? Any chance of photos/illustrations?

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Will post a video on on my channel and link it to here.

The new aqara door sensors seem to pair far easier than the previous models. I’ve paired two so far with no need for the “catchall” method. SmartThings adds them as a “Thing” and then I change the device handler to the Xiaomi one. The only downside is the batteries are reporting as zero.



I have the new Aqara Xiaomi Door sensor.

It’s work perfectly but this new item can get the temperature and humidity, whitch device type I can use for this ?



Hello Tim

I have the door sensor but I can get the temperatur and humidity, and you ?
I have the same issue for battery.


I didn’t realise when I bought this that it also could give temperature and humidity however I don’t think the current Xiaomi Device handler is capable of providing this information. Maybe @a4refillpad or @erocm1231 can look into this?

I don’t have the newer devices but where have you read that it can give temperature and humidity?

I think I make a mistake because I don’t find again this information.
I mix 2 info I think sorry my fault :frowning:

Ok it’s work perfectly with the handlers just the battery 0%
And no T° or Humidity sensor normal


For those who are still puzzled of how to add your xiaomi sensors into ST, you can refer to http://mygooglehomes.blogspot.sg/2017/06/adding-xiaomi-sensors-into-smartthings.html


All my motion and buttons dropped off my V2 hub today at 2:38pm EST. A quick push of the reset button on each brought them back. Not sure what happened as everything else seems to be fine.

Thanks a lot for such an elaborate explanation! sorry for the late response

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Ok this sucks. This morning all my Xiaomi devices again were not responding. Getting them online is a simple poke of the reset button. All went offline in about an hour window between 2:30-3:30am.

Hub event logs shows something weird happened, the Hub update also happened according to the logs yesterday at the same time I lost the same devices. . An 14 more zigbee devices rejoined in the following 2 minutes. Anyone have any clue what happened?

2017-06-21 3:41:41.257 AM EDT 6 hours ago HUB zbjoin: {"dni":"2A52","d":"000D6F000A92FCB2","capabilities":"8E","endpoints":[{"simple":"01 0104 010 zbjoin: {"dni":"2A52","d":"00... zbjoin: {"dni":"2A52","d":"000D6F000A92FCB2","capabilities":"8E","endpoints":[{"simple":"01 0104 0100 00 08 0000 0003 0004 000... 2017-06-21 3:41:41.104 AM EDT 6 hours ago HUB hubStatus zw_radio_on 2017-06-21 3:41:41.099 AM EDT 6 hours ago HUB hubStatus zb_radio_on 2017-06-21 3:41:41.094 AM EDT 6 hours ago HUB hubInfo hardwareID:000D, version:13, ... hardwareID:000D, version:13, mac:D0:52:A8:63:36:9A, localip:, localSrvPortTCP:39500, localSrvPortUDP:0, zigbeeFWM... 2017-06-21 3:41:41.075 AM EDT 6 hours ago HUB ENTITY_UPDATE HubUpdated Hub 'House Hub' updated