Xiaomi Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type [beta]

My Everbuying Button finally showed up after 3 months lol. It’s working great! Just ordered some window/door sensors from gearbest with expedited shipping. Hopefully shipping will be faster.

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Can someone clarify for me if the Xiaomi Smart Button works and point me to where the code is located please.

Try the very fist post in this thread?!

Saw that… Didn’t know if it had been updated or maybe they were issues with it since it was posted back in December.

But there’s another thread (more up-to-date) linked to in the first post. That’ll answer your questions.

But yes, there are updated device handlers and many are using the buttons (and other Xiaomi devices) with success…at the moment.

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It is working, follow this

[Edit: lol wrong thread]

Hi a4refillpad,
I got the Temp and Humidity yesterday, managed to make it run with your DTH and even got a few temp readings before battery level returned “?” and the DTH or ST crashed (device not visible in the SmartThings App, stil visible in IDE, SmartThings app glitching). I had to comment out the “Battery” capability, run the DTH, wait until the battery value updates, and then I was able to reenable the “Battery” capability. I think the issue is the “?” as default value in your DTH. I’m wondering if that is why some people see the devices drop after some time (one random wrong battery reading and bye bye).

I’m just learning Groovy and Device Handler programming (and also I’m focused on z-wave devices) so fixing the code would take me too much time (but I will probably attempt it eventually if you wont :stuck_out_tongue: )

So, does everyone here have the 2nd version of the Smartthings hub or has anoyone successfully have those sensors paired to the v1 for more than 24 hours? I’m going crazy doing this over and over! :slight_smile:

I have 2nd version of the hub and xiaomi windows sensors x2 and one xiaomi button always stay connected even my st one get disconnected a few times ie motion and multi sensor

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I got the sensors paired tp v2 hub and they are all stable so far.

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I have never had any of my 15-20 sensors fall off with my v2 hub.

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As mentioned plenty of times in these threads,. If you’ve not managed to keep them connected over 24hrs then it’s not properly paired.

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I agree. It’s just that I’ve been following the different methods suggested on these forums again and again, so I started wondering if there was a possibility that there is some difference between the hubs (and if anyone has been successful with v1). I haven’t stopped trying though!

I’ve mostly been doing the “catchall” method, adding the devices with the network ID in the device section. I’ve also tried hammering the button until I get the device up in the app and finish the “pairing” there.

I have 3 movement sensors, 4 doors sensors, 2 buttons and 1 temp sensor. Additionally I have 2 sockets and … they have worked from day one!

Depending on the method I’m using to pair, I’m always successful in getting the sensors up and running, only to have them stop responding in ~ 2 hrs and turning “INACTIVE” on the device page in a ~days time.

So I agree that I have never gotten any of them sensors properly paired - the fact that I’ve never seen a battery status supports that.

If anyone has been successful pairing with a V1 hub, I’d like to know (would give me a piece of mind). I know there is no “silver bullet” in pairing those sensors, if anyone has a crazy ida that I could try - I’m open for suggestions!

I really doubt you’ll have any success with v1 to be honest. These only started working on the v2 after an update on the hub last year.

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My temp/humidity sensors likes to drop after a couple hours. I know I just need to repair it and hope it sticks next time just didn’t know if there is any idea as to why they don’t stick? All my other xiaomi devices work a lot better and once I paired right they where good to go. The ones that give the most/only real problems are the temp/humidity sensor and the cube(at first). Mainly that they can’t pair with continues pressing so catchall method is the only one that works and they de pair. Once again I know its common and not really asking for advice more so just wondering if we know why this is.

Everyone’s experience differs in what they perceive as easier to get to pair properly. My first batch I was convinced the motions were impossible to stay paired as all my contacts when in first time without a hitch. Then when I got the buttons I tried for days but my temp sensor paired properly first time without any need for a second attempt. Now many batches later I see different success rates and behaviours. I believe they are all much the same to be honest.


I’ve got motion door and buttons all paired and stable. I’ve been trying witha temp for days. At best I get 3-4 hrs paired, worst is around 20min.
Any ideas, these temp sensors seem awesome if I could get one stably paired.


Have motion sensors pared to a V1 hub and working fine.


And I just blamed my V1 hub for my lack of success! @celblazer, did you find one pairing method more successful than others?

Button presses. Lots of them. LOL It didn’t take too long. A minute or less of presses before it registered,

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