Xiaomi Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type [beta]

Most of the new smart alarm system will use zwave or zigbee tech. Is it because of the xiaomi sensors?
What happens with xiaomi devices when there is a hub update?
What happens to all devices and device handlers that are not oficial?

When the last 2 hub updates took place, my whole system, apart from one Fibaro Dimmer, continued to work.

I can discover my xm button. But it keeps dropping out.

The trick is to keep clicking on the rest even after hub has discovered the button?

Keep clicking like crazy for how long?

You may find this method easier:

I tried the catch-all method during my first go.

Didn’t last overnight.

Subsequently, I discovered that hub is able to discover the button with the custom DH that I had loaded. (Press and hold for 3 sec, then furious clicking even after it has discovered the button)

But it still does not stay connected overnight.

I notice there’s a few DH scattered over. Does the dh play a part in keeping it connected?

The latest stable Xiaomi DHs are all here. These have been reliable for many folks, and are currently working well.

The last round of mad clicking seemed to work. The battery indicator came on and it does not drop off anymore.

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The mad clicking is my personal method of choice. Seems to be quite reliable and painless.


Same here. Worked every time. But took upto 5 mins for couple of them. Rest were quick.

Hello Wayne

Why does the motion sensor takes around 30 seconds to detect motion again? The ST and the Orvibo detect everytime i move.

You can change the time in the settings for the device in the app.
Click on the ‘gear’.

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I tried to put 2 or 4 seconds but it normally takes between 30 an 50 seconds

You tell me. It is how this sensor behaves. The blind time is preset there’s nothing I can do to change it.

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Hi i can confirm that this behavour of sensor becames when the battery starts reporting before this even if you setup 1 second its detects every second,i am telling this if something changes when battery reporting is starting.

The motion sensor that you have from Xiaomi also has this kind response?

The sensor is brand new. I suppose the battery is ok

I believe that’s incorrect. The setting you refer to does not change the blind time.

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Correct it’s not a blind time. The sensor only sends out a single “motion” event. The setting is an inactivity timeout that you can set. If it were not for this then the device would permanently be set to active. You can set to to a value you prefer.
There is currently no known way of passing a blind time setting to the device.

Any chance of changing the temp reporting from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

you could change it under IDE or ST app…