Xiaomi Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type [beta]

Thanks very much. Only ordered 1 at the moment which still didn’t arrive. I am now considering ordering 3 more.

@a4refillpad Thanks very much for setting this up in github. I have now deleted the old device times I added yesterday and added using github integration. It will be helpful if you put this in a new thread along with some instructions on how to add the devices as I see that these dont connect very easily and need multiple retries requiring a reset in between.

If anyone is interested in integrating through github, below is what I used. This may be straightforward for many of you… but just in case, if there is someone like me… :wink:

Click setting in My Device Handlers page. Add the below details.

Maybe a little off topic, I’ve enhanced the smartthings multi and motion sensors to match the same look and feel. The code is based on the latest drivers shared by smartthings. They are in my temp github repo.

(yes, I know I made a “Notion” typo)

at first, thx for the device handler :slight_smile: …I successfully added a window sensor, but now there are 2 issues:

  1. when I get the sensor the LED blinks during opening or closing…since pairing to smartthings hub the LED does not work anymore…is it normal?!

  2. I don’t get the battery level, it only shows ‘–’

thx and regards

@anilini, in relation to 1, the blink seems to stay for some of the devices and disappear for other ones. However the ones that dont blink do still work.

In relation to number 2, give it a few hours, it should show up.

I’ve created a new thread to help people locate my handlers easier and any any discussion related to my drivers. I think we should still use this thread for all the valuable help regarding getting the devices working.


My motion sensor has stayed connected for almost two weeks now! However, I did get a few my battery is low message even though battery level reports back at 90% every time that has occurred so have been ignoring them for now.

Just wondering how people are finding the humidity sensors. Do they seem accurate ? I’m aware battery level isn’t being reported.

I’ve just found myself in the need to acquire some ( never thought i would need them) and the xiaomi ones are at a good price point :slight_smile:

@brumster just curious, did you get a chance to have a look at those Aqara switchs. If so, just wondering what your thoughts were?

I’m trying to add a Xiaomi temp sensor, I got “catchall: 0104 0000 01 01 0100 00 1A54…”, using the DTH & method suggested I was able to add the sensor, but i see no readings in my things screen. However I cab see the below activity in my Hub events:

2017-02-16 10:09:24.328 AM IST
moments ago HUB ping ping ping
2017-02-16 10:08:53.086 AM IST
moments ago HUB humidity: 43.62% humidity: 43.62% humidity: 43.62%
2017-02-16 10:08:52.854 AM IST
moments ago HUB temperature: 27.87 temperature: 27.87 temperature: 27.87
2017-02-16 10:08:26.866 AM IST
moments ago HUB ping ping ping

EDIT: NVM, Got it ! I was using different Network & Zigbee ID, both needs to be the same from the catchall. My bad.

@kellydarren I never got around to it.

Although I have just had a quick look and it needs further investigation. They look pretty good and it’s definitely worth a punt. Bit more info here:

Looks like it doesn’t need a neutral which would be of interest to the UK mob. Like I said need to investigate further.

As for the temp sensors I’ve made no comparison to the other so I can’t comment. Seems to work well from a temp perspective.

Just to say I added 2 x Motion sensors and 2 x buttons without any issues. Installed the DTH first and then use the reset button method and all came up pretty easily. The one Motion sensor I added last night is now reporting battery status. We’ll see how long it takes for the remaining ones I added this morning to do the same.

I know there are some folk unhappy with SmartThings, but from my experience the platform has been stable and the work of this community makes for an awesome experience.


I’ve also managed to add 2x Motion Sensors and 2x buttons. The first button was discovered as a ‘Thing’ after half a dozen or so resets, with some furious clicking.

The other devices I added manually using the device ID in the catchall. These devices don’t show the battery status. Is that because I’ve added them manually?

One of the motion sensors I added failed to show battery after a day and finally dropped off the network. I deleted and re-aded it manually and although it worked for a while it did not show battery and eventually dropped of the network. Yesterday I deleted again and re-added using the clicking method while I was sat next to the hub. After a few hours it now shows battery. Also, the Device Network ID is now different.

I wish there was a way to show the Zigbee mesh so we can see how devices are routed. I wonder if there is a difference between paling directly and pairing via a repeater. In my case the repeater is a ST outlet.

How do you install the motion sensor diagonally?

I mean in mny installation the horizontal/vertical installation does not give enough coverage or it gives too much. It is needed an “inclined” installation.

Is anyone got a way to it?

I still didn’t receive my motion sensors, but I had the same question. I see these are quite small, so some plastic trms on the back may help mount it slant. I have seen some in the below link.

I got my first motion sensor today. It shows that there is motion for a long time after the motion has stopped. I see that there is a setting to input number of seconds here. What is the default? What does everyone use?

I got mine yesterday too.
The default is 120 seconds.
I set mime to 30 seconds as that is what I have for orher sensors.

I do like them though.
I find them to be very sensitive which suits me fine.

That and the fact they are tiny! Top bit of kit for the money! Okay, no temp sensor but that’s no issue when you can get a motion sensor, and a temp sensor and it costs you less than half the ST equivalent (if you can find stock).

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Yes True.
I don’t think the temp sensor from xiaomi works yet correct? I was thinking of ordering, but holding on as I see there is no device type at the moment.