Xiaomi Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type [beta]

In IDE you have to select “Temperature Sensor” for the type, SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor works as well. Both are already there you don’t need to add them.

It worked like a charm! After it shows up in smartthings as a thing I just continued pressing the reset button for like a good minute. Now it stays paired and the battery level now shows up!


Thank you for your answer!
But unfortunately my problem starts when I unable to add this sensor to my Hub. When I long push the button the sensor blinks 3 times and starts blinking one blink for several times. After that solid one blink changes with double shot blinks. That it. Nothing added to my Hub and I could keep pushing the button for hours without any visible result… Do you know how can I solve this problem? My motion sensors work just fine…

I have joined all my sensors and they work fine. The only issue I have is the door sensor that does not show the battery level while all my buttons do. Am I doing something wrong?

I few people asked me before about a xiaomi smoke alarm mod. I’ve posted the instructions here https://community.home-assistant.io/t/beta-xiaomi-gateway-integration/8213/247?u=rexii454

Follow the steps here to pair xiaomi device


Thank you Rave! I saw this post before I have started my tests. But problem is that I do not have Xiaomi Hub, and I am not sure if it will work in North America(I am form Canada). and second method without hub does not work for me. When I start pairing and push the button on temperature sensor, I do not see any live response in IDE Live Logging window. Nothing change. Just - 12:26:23 PM: info Waiting on events… May be I check this info in the wrong place?
Upd. I found the info in Hub’s Live log! Let’s me see what I can do now.

You have to check the events in the hub events, not live logging.
Just go to the hub, scroll down and click the link “List events”

ah saw you found it :slight_smile:

This works in Canada. I’m in Calgary and have them working

[quote=“No_Name, post:445, topic:31948, full:true”]But problem is that I do not have Xiaomi Hub, and I am not sure if it will work in North America(I am form Canada).

Ciao fabrizio , provato con la successione di tasti “configura” e “refresh” da dentro l’app. In qualche post sopra c’è scritto di fare così e a me ha funzionato

Do u have some device handler for temp sensor to show the battery status too?

Btw ,huge thanks for your effort on this thread, got bunch of different xiaomi sensors ,all working flawlessly.

SmartThings should officially support these sensors and plugs: Build quality is great, size is great, range is great, price is great.
Actually better than most of the competition.

Hopefully they stay connected.

Hi Lorenzo

good to know there are other italians here!
I managed to pair the door sensor properly. I only miss the battery life. will try again next week end. Where do you live? I live in Monza but I use ST in my holiday place in the Alps.


How can I install the temperature/humidity sensor?
Which device type do I have to install?



Have you manage to get it to work?


See above.

Dear Fabrizio

I live in florence and i’m a ST newbie!

I believe your are a good expert about ST.

I will still a lor from you :slight_smile:



Hello Brian

How do you add it? I press the button on the device and try to add thing on the app but it does not add.


To add the temperature sensor:

  1. From the app start “Add a thing”
  2. Press and hold the button on the temp sensor until you get 3 flashes
  3. When complete make sure that when you press the button the device give you two flashes on the LED, if not repeat step 2 until that happens.
  4. Using the IDE look at the logs, not the live logging but the hub log (select hub, then select events)
  5. Look for a catchall event at the same time as you pressed and held the button. You will see something like this:
    catchall: 0104 0000 01 01 0100 00 B46D 00 04 115F 0A 01 01FF4231641000032814983900000000953900000000
  6. Make a note of the device ID, in the case above it’s B46D (7th set of chars from the left)
  7. Return to the IDE and manually add a device.
  8. Enter the details and when asked select "Temperature Sensor and make sure you set the Zigbee and network id to the same value you found in step 6.

That should work. The main issue I had was that I was looking in the live log and not the hub log.

Good luck!


Hi all,

Do you think is possible to let a Button become a presence sensor?

Coul be used as keyfob and same time presence sensor.

Because the ST presence sensor is expensive and the batteries drain very fast.

Maybe writing a specific code…

Should be important because Geofancing and presence sensor are to much complicated,

What do you think?