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Xiaomi Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type [beta]

Must be my frantic clicking of the reset pin in order to get mine to pair that has caused all my battery states to be a lot lower then! LOL

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@a4refillpad that method is missing from your DHT. You can get the method from my DHT here

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Replied before scrolling down.

Does yours stop falling off after an hr of inactivity with this DH? I’m using it and it fell off just now.

Falling off is nothing to do with the DH. I found that all of my 10 fell off right at the beginning. If you look further up the thread you’d find me frantically clicking reset. Seems that resolved it for me eventually. Took a while, and I’m still convinced there’s some hidden sequence of events but I’ve not been able to nail it yet as I’ve run out of unpaired devices now.

The smart button DH has a feature which checks the battery level at least once an hr. I think that is why the smart button never falls off. Is there any way to incorporate that into the DH of the motion sensor?

No, the event comes from the device not from the DH. The DH just parses it and displays the event. My motion sensors all show the same every hour. Your device sounds like it just hasn’t paired properly.
Here’s a screenshot of events for one of my xiaomi motions.

In fact my DH even exposes the hidden zigbee check ins which are not usually displayed.

For ZigBee, you send a configure message to the device to report on attribute changes. This happens during the device pairing. In the configure message you set a minimum and maximum reporting time. I’m guessing in the button DH the maximum reporting time for battery level is set to 1 hour. Therefore the device reports it hourly.

As a new user, would you suggest buying these door/window and motion sensors? I like the price, but unsure if they are worth the hassle. Trying to keep my costs at a minimum right now but would love to cover my home entry points.



Very early days yet with these. As you can see in the earlier parts of the thread, many people thought they had success and then gave up on them. It appears that things have improved with the latest hub firmware updates, but some people including myself had a lot of difficulty getting it to stay connected too.
Seems very hit and miss and also, sadly, there’s no guarantee a future update doesn’t revert it back to being useless again.
If you’re happy taking the risk then it can be rewarding as the quality of the brand is undeniably worth the money.

I initially got 1 temp and 1 motion sensor as a test to see if they would connect and work with my setup. So far it has been rock solid for over 9 days (been using Logging app to monitor the temperature). I live in a 3 story townhouse with the hub in the middle floor and ST outlet/repeaters on each floor so I think the signal is pretty good.

My advice would be to start slow with these and then slowly build out but it shouldn’t be backbone as they aren’t officially supported and might not have proper ZHA protocol.

For my setup I have official ST contact and motion sensors on exterior doors for security but plan on using the xiaomi for interior bedroom doors automation and such.

The motion and the temperature/humidity sensors are the most appealing to me due to the size cost and humidity sensors are hard to come by now.

Hi… is the Aqara in-wall switch working with ST UK version?

Hi all

Just to inform you that my door sensors and one button working well after 5 days, the only problem is the battery status folating beetwen 99 and 105% , anyway is not a bg problem.

I just follow the guide in previous post .


Edit: the sensor still working good but cannot be used with a repeater.

I want ti use one sensor very far in the house, i put a plug in the center to be used as repeater.

In the rom where i want to put the door sensor i have left a motion sensor to use it as controller.
The motion sensor has been connected in a second, the door sensor no.switched off the hub for 30 min, when i turned on again the sensor was dead and the motion ok.
I left one night the sensor waiting for a connection. nothing to do.

I move the sensor in the area where the hub has signal and start working again.

Conclusion the xiaomi products wont work with repeater


Hi Rave

Have you been able to detect double and triple click?
I was trying to use the buttons for turning on/off a light and double click would be very useful

Double click event is not being sent to ST, so there’s no way to add that feature in.

Just received the sensor. They’re tiny!
Pretty difficult to pair, almost gave up.

For now they seem great, the range is incredible (but i have quite a few xiaomi plugs).
Will do some more testing and see if they stay connected.

Once they stay paired over an hour they appear very reliable.

It’s been 6 hours now, still working perfectly. Also showing battery %.
I really, yes really, like the build quality. They’re small and very well built. Their range is also very good, compared to the Orvibo’s.
I also did not have any issues with messages not arriving (open sensor but still closed in the app, not triggering any routine) which i had/have with the Orvibo’s. (Don’t get me wrong, the Orvibo’s are great as long as they are in the Hubs’ range)

I really like these sensors. I hope they outlive any new hub-update.

Will test a bit more and will probably order another 10.

I just got my second batch of sensors, (first batch was just to test 1 motion and 1 temp sensor).
3 motion
3 door/window
2 buttons
1 temperature/humidity

I’m not sure if everyone is pairing them one by one but to save time I just entered pairing mode in the ST app then proceed to long press the reset a couple sensors at a time. Checked the Hub Events to get the DNI and added it to a new device and then when you rescan the “add device” in the ST app it shows up quickly where you can rename it and shows up in the Device List. I did this in batches like with all the motion sensors, then with the buttons and so forth.

The motion sensors all paired up quickly and got the zigbee ID. The contact sensor were a little more finicky one paired up fine but had to reset the other 2 but working fine after the second pairing only one didn’t grab it’s zigbee ID (will probably reset to grab it). Temp sensor was fine and grabbed its zigbee ID.

Having some issues with the button/switch at the moment. It detects the button presses in the Hub Events but doesn’t register on the ST App. Probably need to be repaired with the hub.

Everything that paired up seems to be working fine (only been 1 day) but so far so good. However I noticed that when you add it this way it doesn’t show any “Data” in the device page. The one motion sensor that I paired by having the ST App “find it” displays

application: 0B
endpointId: 01
manufacturer: LUMI
model: lumi.sensor_motion

That’s just what I noticed so far. Battery % shows up after a couple hours between 93-106%

Just readded the devices one by one using the long press and multiple short presses until the ST app found it. Noticed that all the ZigBee ID started with 00158. Got everything connected now will report stability later.

Also battery update is working great. Wasn’t much of an issue but I guess it’s more consistent now.

Okay, just fixed the battery reporting to not exceed 100% for those that don’t like it going over :slight_smile:

(Not been able to test it by the way as I do not have any devices that reported greater than 100%. So, if anyone can confirm it works that’ll be great!)