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Xiaomi Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type [beta]


(Bm) #283

They are faster than the monoprice multi sensors. all i have to compare to.

(Bm) #284

Im sure the first one i got paired had Zigbee ID but i ended up resetting it and when paired the second time i didn’t get the Zigbee ID. I have to one that is paired, “active”, & reporting the second is paired and “online” but not reporting, both only have Device Network ID in IDE.

(Jimmy) #285

Just got around to doing a test for the motion sensor. Using Smart Lighting and a simple turn on light with motion it turned on near instantaneous and almost at a 180 angle to the sensor. The only problem it that it takes a while to be inactive like 2 mins after initial active state.

Other variable was the motion sensor was about 20 feet away from the ST Hub and near open area. Hope that helps


Thank you everyone on this thread for sharing your very valuable experiences. I really want to get some of these buttons as they would be awesome to help control various automations and lights around the house. I have ST with a bunch of motion sensors, a couple of multisensors, a few lightify bulbs and a whole load of Hue lights (connected via Hue Hub).

After trawling through nearly all of this thread, I cannot reliably ascertain what steps I need to take and whether I need to buy a hub or not. I think that this is what I need to do:

  1. get some devices, and put them into pairing mode, (from the efficient way described on this thread)
  2. Get their ID, (if I have the hub, from their android app, if I don’t have their hub, from the ST IDE live-logging)
  3. Get them paired directly with ST (I guess this step is nuanced depending on how I get the ID from number 2)
  4. Start using them!

I know that I have well over simplified this, but if someone could please help to create a step-by-step, that would help immensely - and I’ll get my order in ASAP!

Best regards,

(Tuanvum) #287

I managed to add Temperature Sensor by Network ID. I thought it will discover Zigbee ID after that. But It did not. Kindly tell me how to get Zigbee ID. I can see temperature and humidity on ST app.
Thanks a lot.


Wow, i just realize you do not need Zigbee ID in order to work. I’m not sure what is the consequences but you can use it without device ID (i apologize to the folks who ordered the hub). Check the steps here

(Rinke) #289

Nooo… just ordered the hub!!!

Naahh… cool you found this! Makes life much easier and i can sell the Hub again.


Got some update to the device handler. Now most devices should show battery. I’ll upload soon

(Bm) #291

@Rave you magnificent bastard, thank you!

(Paul) #292

Top job @Rave!

Folks, any chance of a little help. I’m using an iPhone. Should I be able to get the temp sensor working? I’ve got the network id “0050” and I’ve added a device (using the “Temperature Sensor” DTH) but it just won’t report temp.

Can someone post an idiot’s step by step guide to setting this up please?


(Rinke) #293

Are you sure you’ve got the right network id ? it usually has numbers and characters in it.

(David Wei) #294

Great stuff… I’m thinking about getting a few more plugs and other things as well (10 window sensors just isn’t enough…). I’ll be getting them directly from Xiaomi and have a forwarder in China to ship it to Vancouver. Anyone in Vancouver wanna join?

(Jimmy) #295

Just curious how much cheaper is it coming directly from Xiaomi? Right now Gearbest has the sensors the motion and door sensors for $10-12 and the button for around $8 shipped. Not sure how much cheaper it is to buy them and ship them over.

Although I am interest in their iSmartAlarm Camera clone for like $15-30 bucks.

(David Wei) #296

Well, I bought their package deal of gateway, plug, temp sensor, button PIR sensor package, plus 5 PIR sensors, 2 more buttons, 5 more temp/hum sensors, 10 window sensors.

The total comes to around $250 including DHL shipping to Vancouver. It takes quite a while for them to all gather at the forwarder, but after that it is FAST…


From my calcs, gearbest is actually really good value. I pay ~ $1-2 extra ordering from gearbest vs buying in china direct. The pricing in RMB in china is advertised on their webpage

I have 2 of the cube cameras on the way will update on how they go

I had no lucky with my smoke alarm mod. I couldn’t get a 5V output from the piezo no matter what I tried. Will take it to work and get a proper oscilloscope on it to see what’s going on.

(Paul) #298

Does anyone have the temp sensor working who has Hue installed?

(Bm) #299

yes, no issues.


@Rave you are really awesome. Your fault I have ordered a bunch of Xiaomi sensors :slight_smile:

Looking forward to receiving them :slight_smile:

(David Wei) #301

Just reporting back, everything is working and working well, absolutely no disconnection issues.

(Bm) #302

Any update?