Xiaomi Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type [beta]

Update on the Xiaomi Zigbee Plug. I’ll create a new thread soon :slight_smile:

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Now I’m confused. I ordered a button to try out last week.

I need the Xiaomi Hub to get this working? Same with the window door sensors?

Door Sensor, Button and Motion Sensor pairs okay without Xiaomi hub. The rest will need the hub

What do you mean - “the rest”? Can I pair the temperature sensor using the hub?

No… at least not for me. If you read 10~20 posts above, you’ll get the idea

As promised, here’s the device handler :slight_smile:


Hi @Rave, I read all post, but I cant pairing my Door Sensor and Motion Sensor, could you help me?

Unfortunately, without the xiaomi gateway/hub, you’ll have to try harder.

Try long push the pin (3 sec), then 3~5 times short press. Rinse and repeat or try difference variance. There are no solid way to pair it.

Thank you @rave I will try this and I just order complete Xiaomi kit.

@Rave could you try and see if the plug is a repeater or not ?
I find it weird that the Xiaomi Gateway is not working with a mesh network. That would mean all devices should be in range of the gateway, which makes it all quite limited.

Bummer, the gateway is out of stock everywhere. Needs to get it shipped to Europe.
Will order one as soon as I can.

Keep up the good work Rave.

After 40 minutes I got Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor not yet.

On IDE I change type to “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” but only show open

I found Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Gateway 2


Shouldn’t that be Zigbee sensor?

Erocm123 created a devicetype for this, maybe give that a try?:

Hi @RInkelk, I newbie, I copy Erocm123 code, created new Device Handler, but I don’t know what the next step…

Newbee here too :slight_smile:

When saved and published the device handler, you should be able to change the type of your device to that one. It should be at the bottom of the list.

Thank you very much, now working.

Now I will try pairing Motion Sensor.

Very interested thread!! Rave you are a master!
Have you been able to check if the plug works as a repeater?

@Rave Thanks for all your great work!

I’m new to ST and tried to read as much from this thread as I can because I’m looking to add these xiaomi devices to my ST. In order to add these devices to my ST bridge, is there anything else I need other than the Zigbee ID and Device Network ID?

I’m trying to learn but other than using a xiaomi hub, is there any other way to get the Zigbee ID?

That’s all you’ll need. You can always try to pair it with ST first, maybe you’ll have a better luck than me.

I’m researching If there’s any way to get that device Id so i can probably add some cheap non standard HA Zigbee devices as well. I’m pretty sure ST has that information, just that it is not showing up on the event logs. I’m getting a Zigbee sniffer and see if it is showing up there

Thanks :grin: is there anyway to test it other than putting a Zigbee device out of range and placing the plug in the middle? My apartment is pretty small so I’m sure it won’t get out of range without stepping out of the door…