Xiaomi Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type [beta]

They have been doing things behind the scenes for several days now! I am really fed up with it tbh! All it takes is a quick comms out to everyone to say your system may be effected so we can be prepared at the very least but they just go in and change things which can have a major impact on us all. We had all this with the last major f/w update and they said lessons had been learnt and they will be more diligent with communication to the users. Well looked like that went well :joy:

There is something wrong with the WebCore server, none of the pistons are working. Many people are reporting issues.

You still have any brackets?

Yep. I’m reasonably happy just plonking the sensors on door frames.
Want a couple?
NB: I’m also planning on ordering a few more window and motion sensors tomorrow as AliExpress are having an 11/11 sale

Yeah that’d be great!

I have just received my Aqara Curtain Motor and I am happy to report that the device automatically pairs with Smartthings although with a generic device handler (i.e., no need to search for a catchall). You just need plug the motor to electric power, click ADD THING on the APP and press the motor button for 5 seconds until the blue light starts flashing rapidly. I replaced the default device handler with the bspranger’s Xiaomi Outlet (https://github.com/bspranger/Xiaomi) and the Aqara Curtain Motor works perfectly! Unfortunately I have not received yet the curtain rails, once I have them I will draft a more specific device handler.


Can anyone tell me what type of batteries the Xiaomi motion and door/window sensors take? Also, what is the reset time for the motion sensors? I have some Iris motion and door/window sensors and they work great but I am about to move into my own apartment and I am looking for some door/window and motion sensors…These Xiaomi sensors are less than half the cost of the Iris sensors so I am definitely interested in trying them. I just like how quickly the Iris motion sensor resets and how quick it picks up motion.

I have my motion to reset after 10 seconds the DH does let you adjust it not sure what the device will go to though.

Aqara motion sensor takes CR2450
Door/window sensor has CR1632

Motion appears to reset 1 minute after picking me up. It usually picks me up within 2 seconds.

They really are a silly price - I’ve just bought three more!

You can as mentioned change the reset window in the app under the config icon and this is passed to the sensor.

I was under the impression that this was only for increasing the delay and that 60 seconds was the device limit. Can you confirm if you’re seeing more frequent updates than that?

Absolutely, I have set all of mine to 20 seconds and they all respond correctly so after 20 seconds they send another motion alert if there is one. I do NOT have to wait for a minute for the sensor to reset.

I did post this in this or the other thread a while back but think it fell on deaf ears lol


Thanks. My Aqara motion sensor is reliably picking up motion after 10 seconds. Might be time to edit the DTH to remove the caveat!

Thanks. You actually did crack it and it was hard to figure out this without your help. I kind of stopped on long press + short press, but it generated some event in the logs, but did not get me a device added.

The Xiaomi motion sensors are definitely not “set it and forget it” types of devices like the Iris motion sensors. I have had several issues with Xiaomi devices working great for months and then randomly falling off the network (motion and door/window sensors).


@PabloGux would you please share more info about the curtain, like a product link or keyword to google for something that is compatible

@Jg506 Check this other community for more information:

I see many reports of Xiaomi motion sensor working, I have v2 hub with latest firmware but after a couple of hours it stopped working. No more motion events. I copied the device handler from the first post in the thread. Did I miss anything?

Thanks for any help.

Use my latest DH.
Take your time pairing. Give it time to respond. 6 sec.
Don’t pair via catch all.
Turn off all other zigbee routing devices.
Make sure your Wi-Fi and zigbee are not at the same frequency.


Wow…great hints. Thanks a lot @ArstenA

I know what my wifi channel is, how do I know what is the zigbee one?

What is the best method to pair, if I go to manual add, is there a way to select the DH?

Sorry, where can I find your DH?

Thank you…