Xiaomi Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type [beta]

Yeah I need too angle mine downwards.

Is anyone else having battery drain issues on their Xiaomi temperature sensor? I’ve never had to change batteries on my motion sensors or smart button, but something seems to be killing the battery in my temperature sensor, it went from 100% to 25% in a matter of 4 days. FYI, this is the 2nd battery of a different brand that I’ve put in.


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i followed these instructions on how to install device handlers, https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/blogs/the-smartest-blog/how-to-install-a-custom-device-handler-in-smartthings and C&P your device handler code for the Xiaomi door window sensor, it said saved correctly and it is in the list of device handlers

and on my mobile it shows “unknown”

I’m unsure what I did wrong, hopefully some can point me in the right direction

Hello, @rebelbah

In the IDE

  • Go to ‘My Devices’ (not ‘My Device Handlers’!)
  • Find the device you added (‘Xiaomi Door…’) (Under the "Type’ Column it says ‘unknown’)
  • Click on its display name
  • In the page that comes up, giving information about it, scroll down to the white ‘Edit’ button at bottom and click it
  • ‘Edit Device’ Page comes up
  • Go to ‘Type’ about half-way down and look for the DTH you installed (custom DTHs tend to be at bottom of list - not strictly alphabetic with all the others - so scroll down to end to find it)
  • Select it
  • Click on white ‘Update’ button at bottom of page

It should return you to the ‘My Devices’ page. Type should be updated for the device and it will show in a second or two on your mobile app.

Good luck!

Battery reporting is erratic on these. It was somewhat guesswork to guess where it was reporting from per @a4refillpad 's notes on his DTH and it might not even be the right report. Mine goes up and down - and I test the batteries with a multimeter and they’ve barely changed.

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You don’t need Ikea Gateway - there’s beautiful DTH from @Ekvald at [UPDATE] IKEA Trådfri Bulb Device Type that works flawlessly with ST Hub.


Thank you very much, for your help, it now shows

The problem for mine is that they are not erratic at all. It’s a consistently going lower and never coming back up and just from overnight, it has lost another 8% and down to 17% now.

I have some ideas on how to do this; can you share your method?

Just very simple with me.
As I put them on door frames in the corner I put some Blu-tac (not sure what you guys call it lol ) under one edge and that gives it enough angle for me.

Great, I’ll try it. We visited Australia a few months ago and bought some. I’m not sure we have an equivalent in the U.S. but it is handy.

I have just seen this on ebay.
It says its for a MiHome motion sensor but the item description says its a Xiaomi one.
Just wondering if anybody has ordered any oy these recently and they now come with a bracket.

This is the Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor, comes with the bracket and has an integrated LUX sensor. Many people have them up and running, I have had around 20 of them up for over a month now.

There is another thread on here, check out post 1421 by inpier

Oh an check out the prices on GearBest and Aliexpress before buying off eBay. They are sometimes dirt cheap on GearBest. :slight_smile:

Aha. Not got any of these that’s what threw me.
Might have to order some of these.
As an aside, I emailed the seller to see if they sell the brackets separately.
Will see what they come back with.

Let us know about he brackets, not that I need any lol but others may be interested…

The brackets are neat but they do increase the size of the sensor, I actually found myself not using as many as I thought I would as with them the sensors are a little more obtrusive. This is obviously geared by where you intend to place them of course :grin:

EDIT: However the LUX sensors does have benefits even though the current status is that it only updates LUX when it detects motion, not to say that this may change down the line if anyone discovers a parameter that may do this.

What do you use the Lux sensors for if I may ask? And, how long does gearbest normally take to ship to you? Not that I can really go off that since we’re in different continents, but I ordered some 2, maybe 3 weeks ago now…no clue where they are or if they were even sent!

In certain circumstances I will use the LUX value to determine if to activate certain things or routines. For example, I have my kitchen lights turn on via the a motion sensor but only if it is after sunset and the LUX reading on that or other sensors is below 10 or so (This depends on the sensor as all are different). The config. options are huge and you can obviously use LUX readings from any sensors you have around the home to create complex triggers to automate (mainly lighting I guess) as you walk around the house. I have recently also used the LUX reading to check for lights left on as the powers that be kept messing with my hub and the cloud where my FIbaro Dimmer 2 Switches and Double Switch 2 Relays were magically turning on even though this was not reflected in the SmartThings app. This seems to have stopped now though. Saying that, as the Aqara sensors only report LUX on Motion Trigger (at the moment) they are not as useful as they could be but I would still purchase them over the original Xiaomi ones without the sensor.

GearBest have delivered to me very quickly recently, within 10 days and once I received a package in 2 days. However I think that some of these actually shipped from within the UK. 3 to 4 weeks is pretty normal though. You should be able to see the shipping status against your order, mine all had tracking info also.

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Anyone who use the door / window sensor with hub v1? Is it a good match? Works great?

The V1 Hub never used to support the sensors period. However I have seen one or two posts recently where some have reported a little success with them with the latest Hub f/w updates. I do believe that there is a Hardware limitation with the V1 Hub though so I personally would not rely on it being fully compatible with these and certain other sensors etc.

In all honesty though, as the V2 Hub does support them (albeit unofficially) I would personally invest in a V2 Hub first. Depending on your set-up you may soon see a saving due to the cheap cost of the Xiaomi/Aqara Sensors which you know DO work OK with the V2 Hub. :slight_smile:

Do you have a working DH for the Xiaomi aqara motion sensor with the LUX value working?