Xiaomi Temperature Sensor connected to Smartthings Hub + Broadlink Mini3 to control the AC...is there a way?

Hi there,

i managed to connect the Xiaomi Temperature/Sensor to the Smartthings Hub using the handler. But i didn’t find an handler for the Broadlink Mini3.
What i’d like to do is to switch on the AC using the Broadlink, when the temperature tracked by the Xiaomi sensor is lower than a a set value.

Is it possible and how can i do? For what i know:

  • it seems possible using HomeAssistant

  • With ST i need the broadlink mini3 handler, but i’m not able to find one

  • With IFTT i can’t because, even if there is the broadlink service, i can’t see the sensors because they are connected to the ST hub.

I don’t know if there’s any way to connect the Broadlink remote directly to ST, but here’s how you might do it via IFTTT:

  • Create a virtual switch, let’s call it “AC Switch” (SmartApps: More: Virtual Device Creator)
  • Set up the Virtual Thermostat smartapp to control that switch using your temperature sensor.
  • Create a matched set of IFTTT recipes: If AC Switch is on then switch on AC Broadlink; If AC Switch is off then switch off AC Broadlink.

Got it thanks, i have just configured all the stuff as you wrote to me, i will test it when i will be back home this evening.
Thanks for your help!

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Good morning Mark,

this is what i did:

  1. In ST classic app, under smartapp, i have configured the automation named it’s too cold: "if the virtual thermostat (named “sensore camera da letto” is under 20° degrees, send push notification and turn on the heater “AC Switch”.

  2. in IFTTT i set the applet that is using the Broadlink for Smart Home for EU service

I’m receiving the notification in the classic ST app about the sensor that is below to the set temperature, but the AC isn’t switching ON.

Did i made some error?

What about this handler:

Hi rontalley, yep i found it and i’m going to try it this weekend. But it needs an android device with the bridge on it, connected on the same network. I could use the nvidia shield for sure, but it looks like a bit more complicated, i will try anyway thanks

It sounds like you’re doing a few different things.

  • You have IFTTT looking at the temperature sensor directly. This bypasses the virtual switch and thermostat. If that’s the way you want to handle it then you could eliminate both of those. My suggestion to use a thermostat smartapp in ST, and have IFTTT follow the virtual switch, was because you said you couldn’t see the sensor in IFTTT.
  • You configured both automations for a heater - I guess that means the unit you’re controlling operates in both heating and cooling modes. In the US an “air conditioner” generally refers to a device that cools, so I probably just misunderstood you there.

To get this working you should either remove the ST elements you created, and just let IFTTT control based on the temperature sensor (make sure you add an automation to turn the heater back off), or create a different set of IFTTT recipes that have the Broadlink mirror the virtual switch.

Personally I would go with the second option because ST is likely to be more convenient for tweaking the thermostat as well as seeing the temperature reading within the same app.

Hy Mark and thank you for the help.
Yes, i wrote AC but it works also as heater.
I was abroad in the past few days, this evening i will try to do it.

Have a nice day

Did someone found a way to control temperature and AC mode? For example on the virtual thermostat can I map somehow the buttons to specific ifttt recepies?

I have mapped the buttons I found one very good virtual thermostat but the only problem is that for some reason IFTTT stopped working and is working only on and off and changing modes.