Xiaomi Temp Humidty won't delete

I have a Xiaomi Temperature Humidity sensor that keeps showing up in my devices. It cant be deleted from the app and every time I delete from the app it shows back up a few days later unresponsive… Anyone else see this?

Does the device still have power? If so it may be trying to phone home, and until you reset it, it will keep trying I believe.

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I never installed it and don’t have any Xiaomi devices in my home…

Ok, well now I’m confused. How do you know it’s one of those devices? Can you provide more information, event logs, etc? I’m assuming you see it in the new app?

Then it’s a database error in the cloud and support will have to fix it. This does happen every once in a while, there have been a few forum reports over the years. There was one community member who started getting reports from a “dining room sensor” when he didn’t have a dining room. :scream:

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Im confused as well… It literally says the device is one of my devices in the app, but shows it is offline. I have deleted 3 separate times and each time a few days later it comes back.