Xiaomi sensors working but appear always on in the APP

Xiaomi’s sensors work well but always appear as ON in the APP. For example the door is closed but the symbol appears as open. motion sensor appears as with movement but there is no movement. The strange is that if i go to sensors they appear correct with the right information but the symbol is always opens or move.
Can anyone help?

Which XM sensor you are using and which driver it used?

I am using Aqara and MI motion sensors, MI door sensors, temperature.
I have just notice that the aqara are working fine. The problem is the Xiaomi ones.

Motion first floor is Aqara

To be more precise, which model of the sensors, and which driver you are using? Take note that SmartThings doesn’t support XM or aqara device officially.

I am using bspranger handlers

If you don’t provide the model of your device, I’m afraid no one can help you. Also check out the Edge Driver for your device, old device handler will be EOL soon