Xiaomi Motion Sensor two with same ID?

just got two Xiaomi Motion Sensor paired one , did the catchall and that has the same ID
surely this cannot be right ?
anyone had any experience of this ?
is it useless ?
does someone want a swap ?

I think in the thread someone mentions it’s best to try and get them to register themselves and not with the catchall as this method changes the ID each time you do it. You may have hit on the exact reason why this is a dubious method, you have 2 duplicate ID’s.
I suspect doing the catchall again with one of them will change to a unique ID.

is there anyway to hard reset it ?
this was the catchall method BTW

Push a pin in the reset hole and wait 5 seconds until a series of blinks happens. Not sure about the contact sensors but the humidity ones I have blinked 3 times and it reset. I could never get then to link no matter how many millions of times I reset and tweaked the button so I had to use the catchall in the hub event log. This finally worked but I’m lead to believe that if they do drop off the network I will have to re-pair as the catchall number will change.

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device one: ca8ea35b-0892-41ec-ae57-2700c85dece5
pairs using the catchall method but then doesn’t function

same for device two

is there anyway to reset network id ? or are these duff ?