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Xiaomi mi vacuum cleaner

(Eddy) #41

You sir are awesome, that was it
Also for people reading, you might want to update your java as well
I had a little issue but it works now

(Austin Spangrud) #42

Hey man,

are you using the fork that’s above also? how did you figure out how to get
this working? I have a Pi running HASS.IO, but it’s more confusing than
rooting and messing with my cellphone so I quit.

do you have an easy solution through the HASS.IO?

(Eddy) #43

Yep I got it working fine
I’m using hassio and iftt right now (with Google home)
Im not using it in smarthings but it is feasible

Hassio is quite a learning curve.
So if u manage to make it work with hassio.
You can create a virtual switch and with webcore to do a http post to your hassio link

Its a lot of pass through but it works for me right now. Almost no delays and it’s silky smooth

Also using the Gen 2 of the xiaomi vacuum

(DJAC) #44

how are you using core to control it… You can help alot by this simple info until the app comes out.


Keep reading…

(DJAC) #46

My mistake. I meant how are you using webcore in conjunction with say google assistant. I have raspberry pi and already using GA on there for broadcasting. Don’t want another 3rd party tool

(MacTechGenius) #47

I got the new one from amazon for $579…it’s great and I plan on keeping it. I only wish it would not go on the carpet while mopping…currently I have it mop a specific zone at a time.

Do you guys do any maintenance? I hope it last a long time…don’t know how reliable or any info on warranty.


WebCoRE just monitors a virtual switch. A third party tool is pretty much a requirement to get this working. You can also check out the Mi Connector here. It’s much better than my cobbled together solution, but still requires its own NodeJS server.


We now have a working root on the vacuum. Any way to setup a webserver and call the vacuum. Directly?

(DJAC) #50

I would like to know if there vacuums are really much better than the Irobot.
Heard good things but is it worth $500

(Justin Maucione) #51

Don’t pay $500. They go for as low as $375 all the time. Set up an alert on for “roborock” (2nd gen). There may even be a 3rd gen coming soon but not sure of the model. I imagine they’ll continue with the Roborock name.

(Tyler Durden) #52

I have two and really like them. Spent $400 USD on each one. I’ve seen them for less than $400 since. My last Roomba was an old 530 with a ThinkingCleaner attachment. So having a lidar guided robot is a huge upgrade. I’m not sure how it compares to more recent Roombas. I’m not sure the mop capability on the Xiaomi is worth it… it’s not smart enough to avoid carpets and just drags the mop around while it vacuums on low power…at least I think the vaccum was running at the same time. There are ways to use the app to mop only a designated area if you have carpets on your floor. For now, I prefer my iRobot Braava/Mint for mopping. But perhaps that will change if they update the software with a better algorithm that mimicks some of the techniques used by the Braava. You can save even more money on the Xiaomi/Roborock robot if you get the older version without the mopping attachment if you don’t need the feature. But I’m not sure if you miss out on any other improvements that come with the version that includes the mop.

(DJAC) #53

Thanks for the info… I’m just holding back cause all I want is a feature whether it be with ifttt or smartthings that allows me to clean when I leave.
I find that robo vacuums have one job and that’s to clean without needing to be noticed.
So when my my house goes into goodbye, it just starts cleaning.
Also I think Irobot should have updates more constantly since they are older in the business… I could be wrong… Lol

(Jake Seaton) #54

Not sure if you looked into Neat Botvacs. There is a custom device handler and smartapp that does exactly what you’re describing.

(Tyler Durden) #55

To do that with the Xiaomi/Roborock, you would need to use Alexa as a middleman. You would install the Alexa skills for the Xiaomi/Roborock and SmartThings. You could then set up an Alexa routine that monitors a Virtual Sensor in Smartthings to start and stop the robot.

(Peke) #56

not 100% tru, there is a device handler and a smartapp for almost every xiaomi thing.
look at
I have it setup with only my yeelight but it works perfectly, you would need to extract tokens and a raspberry pi too run the server but i found it very easy to do.

(Tyler Durden) #57

Yeah, I was trying to explain a way to do it without setting up the pi server solution. You should be able to do the Alexa solution even if you don’t have an Alexa enabled device.


How can this be done? My alexa and st are paired. I installed xiaomi skill to alexa. Alexa founds mirobot. How to do this next step: “set up an alexa routine that monitors a virtual sensor” ?


greetings all. super excited to be here! was there any progress discussed here or elsewhere with a working smartthings integration? it doesn’t look like it. i’m a .net/java/perl/python fullstack dev recently into home automation. total newbie at the moment. i hope to give this a shot if hasn’t already been accomplished.

(Tyler Durden) #60

As I mentioned, if you have SmartThings, you can create a virtual sensor that goes off based on geolocation and make that sensor discoverable in Alexa. Then set up an Alexa routine(s) to start or stop the Roborock based on the sensor. (You’ll need the Smartthings and Roborock Alexa skills enabled in Alexa.)

Otherwise, you can set up the Xioami pi server solution mentioned in this thread for a slightly more direct integration with SmartThings. I’ve read that these Roborocks can be modded and even run their own server. I would love someone to try installing the service mentioned in this thread directly onto the Roborock instead of on a standalone Pi. IMHO that would be pretty cool to have the robot serving two purposes.