Xiaomi Magic Cube Smart App


(Steve Tremblay) #1

Hi everyone, I just did a quick Smartapp leveraging Matt Frank and Brian Dahlem’s code for button handlers to support directly the cube. The reason I did this is so the configuration screens can have the actual words (Shake, Flip, etc.) so it’s more obvious to configure.

I just thought I would share if somebody else wants to use it :slight_smile:


Do we still need to have the Xiaomi gateway?

(Steve Tremblay) #3

No, there’s already a device handler for the device without the gateway that was built by DroidSector, the thread below also explains the pairing mechanism. Sometimes it took me up to 10 times clicking the pairing button, but it always ended up working. I connected this week one cube, 10 door sensors and 6 buttons :slight_smile:


Excellent. Thank you. :slight_smile:

(Jg506) #5

What is the button name? I could not fins one made by Xiaomi

(Steve Tremblay) #6

Hi !

They are called Xiaomi Smart Wireless Switch, but they are a button :


(Migt moggy) #7

What details do I need to enter to add this using github ? Ie name owner branch