Xiaomi door sensor

Hello there
I’m new to the ST community and need some help with xiaomi door/window sensors.
I followed the guide by https://youtu.be/sciUre0HVl0 and it worked great untill I found the sensor in the ST app.
The sensor shows up as a “Thing” and not with the name " xiaomi door/window sensor" as in the guide"
When I add it as a thing all it says is “please wait” and I can’t get any further.
Any solutions to this?
Thanks /Carl

Did you install and publish the device handler ahead of time before joining the device? If you didn’t, you can do that now and then go back to the IDE and edit the device and change the Type field to the name of the device handler you created.

Yes, published the device handler before i added the new device, just like the guy in the youtube video did it.
Still I´m stuck at “please wait”

so strange…