Xiaomi devices on sale (buttons/sensors/cubes)

I’ve purchased close to 25 contact sensors over 3 orders the past couple months with no problems. I do have an account though (to accumulate points for purchase credits).


Thanks, so opening an account maybe the way to go
No problems with it. … just usually pay by PayPal and that’s it

Is it compulsory to sign up?

Yeah, I use PayPal and pay a few bucks for tracked shipping (to the US) and another dollar or so for insurance.

I’m pretty sure an account is required, but not positive. You’d have to try I guess.

Edit: What’s cool is when they ship your product, they attach a picture of it on the scale in their office to your order in your account.

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Thanks, so it looks like they have changed the buying process to ‘sign up only’

My first order at Gearbest was several months ago. I did need to set up an account for the order and also to earn the credit value.

I have received all of my Xiaomi devices from Gearbest with out a problem. The only error was 1d1ot . Complte the Paypal payment request. All have paired and are working. Thank you for the device handlers.

Is the Magic Controller just a 3 axis sensor? Or is there more to it?

It does not expose a 3-axis sensor although I’m pretty sure internally it utilize one to operate. It has 7 special movements each detected as unique button press. Think about it more like a 7 buttons remote that you shake, knock, slide, or rotate instead of pressing buttons. It’s pretty cool.

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Bummer! I was hoping it was a 3-axis - it seems like the perfect little
cube to use with the ‘Mood Cube’ SmartApp.

Well I’ve all but given up on these door/window sensors. Using the @a4refillpad DTH I can’t get them to stay connected for more than two hours. I’ve noticed a few strange things about these sensors based on their behavior though regarding the lights on the sensor. When the sensor is paired and working, the blue LED doesn’t do anything; however, when the sensor stops working, the LED starts flashing again when the magnet is moved away. I have never been able to get the battery level to display on any of them and ended up commenting it out of the device handler in case it was causing problems (still broke). I’ve used the two common methods (manually adding the device/catchall method and using Add a Thing wizard) with the same results either way.

Unless someone has some other ideas or magic tricks, these may just go in the bin. After three days of messing with them and multiple repairs (at least 10+) I just don’t feel they’re worth the hassle.

I just pair five of them a few weeks ago.
I ran into some problems trying when resetting the door/window sensor and had to unpair it and pair it again.
Here’s what I did:

  1. Go to https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ and log into your account. Go to My Location and select your device.
  2. Go to My Device Handler and click on Create New Device Handler. Click on From Code and paste the IDE from the github page and click on Create.
  3. Go to My Hubs and click on List Events.
  4. On your Phone: Open the Smartthings App > My Home > Add a Thing.
  5. Press and hold the reset button on the Sensor. Release the reset button after the led flashes three times. The light will stop then flash once. Then it will stop and flash 3 more times. If it does not flash three times and you get one long flash, do step 4 again.
  6. Refresh the webpage from List Events page from Step 3.
  7. Look for the catchall code. Write down the fouth set of the 4-digit code. (ie 47EE).
  8. Go to My Device and click on New Device.
  9. Fill in a temporary Name. I just type “a”.
    Fill in the 4-digit code in Device Network Id
    Select Xiaomi Door/Window Sensor as Type
    Select the Location
    Select Hub
    Click Create
  10. On your Phone, Click on Add Device Manually. Tap on the back button and it will show you the new device found. Rename it. Save. Ok.
    Warning. Do not click on the reset button again. If you reset it, it will unpair.
    The light will not flash when the senor is open or closed. If you click on the reset button, the led will flash when it is open or close but it will no longer be paired with Smartthings.


Good price on color bulbs but these are 220v only so they won’t work directly in the US. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a 110v model.

The E26 version is YLDP03YL, and it’s near impossible to find anyone selling, as they stopped production and don’t sell it direct. Some US Amazon sellers have sold and shipped them to folks, but the product listings all say E27 so you can’t guarantee you’ll get a US compatible model.

Yeelight support says they’re planning a new US model for July '17. We’ll see.

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The two I’ve opened so far (one stays connected; the other doesn’t) both have the same logo; the lower one here that kinda looks like a little kitty.

All of the Xiaomi devices which were sent to me 10 in all are same logo as your’s.

All 25+ devices I’ve received are the “MJ” looking logo and none have ever fallen off my network.

These devices are exactly the same. Xiamoi simply change the logo recently. There is no relationship between the logos and device staying connected or not other than coincidence. All the devices even if those that dropped once or twice will get paired again, ultimately without dropping ever. If you pair using app only - I recommend keeping device next to hub after pairing and until you get the battery tile updated. Once battery is updated it won’t drop, if battery is not there by next day pair again.
As others said here if you pair using the catchall method and API console, there is no dropping, so it is the more consitent method


[quote=“jg506, post:160, topic:78892, full:true”]
These devices are exactly the same. Xiamoi simply change the logo recently. There is no relationship between the logos and device staying connected or not other than coincidence.[/quote]

OK, thanks. Good to know.

Not true.
With the one of mine that keeps dropping off, I have paired it about 5 times now, and it keeps dropping.
So, no…it’s not true that they stop dropping off after being paired once or twice. I can accept that is your experience, but it is not true for the totality of these devices.

I have not heard of (or missed, or forgot) anything related to waiting for the battery reading to signal that it is ‘good-to-go’. So, thanks. I will give that a try today, and get back to you here…

Sorry, but this is also false information. I have tried this method, and it drops off just the same.
So…again, I can accept that is your experience, but it is not true for the totality of these devices.

It is indeed my experience with about 15 devices, and ymmv. In my case all eventually paired and yes 1-2 of them took 5 times or even more, but once it catches it catches. I used to be in your boat and the experience of others motivated me to keep trying.

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