Xiaomi devices on sale (buttons/sensors/cubes)

Just use the Event View method. And create your own device in the IDE…But you already know that. :smirk:

Haha, thanks.
Well, as it turned out, I guess I have way too many things in my ST system to have Live Logging do me any good in this kind of situation. I looked there, but almost immediately when I go there, it fills, and it gets extremely difficult right away to figure out what’s what (if it isn’t already named). So, I had to try the other method instead.

OMG that’s an odd beast lol
Really? Our only solution is to click and click and click and click and keep freakin clicking until it works?!?
lol It finally worked, but wow.

Thanks again for pointing us to these things. :slight_smile:
I will gladly put up with a few minutes of crazy in exchange for a smart button that cost me less than ‘the extras’ at the movies.

Well, I have a couple of the Smart Switch units up and running, I can see now why the Lowe’s Iris Smart Buttons are so discounted. If these Xiaomi devices don’t suddenly gather together and moph into a Decptacon or something, I can’t see why I’d ever buy another Iris button as long as these are available, and priced like this. :slight_smile:


You don’t look at the live log, you look at the events list under your hub. You won’t find catchall in the live log :grin:

You can see what’s going on in the live log easier by filtering the log. Just click on the device that you’re interested in viewing.

The funny thing is that sensors of this type, which include the official SmartThings branded “motion” sensor don’t actually detect motion at all. These are PIR sensors, “passive infrared” and what they detect are very small changes in temperature moving across the detection field. There are a lot of things you could wave in front of the sensors and they wouldn’t go off. And most of them are calibrated for the temperature range of a human being, although they’re not precise and they do pick up other heat sources as well. But “body sensor” is as good a description has any, it’s just not the one that we typically use in English. :sunglasses:

Aha. Thanks.
Since I can only imagine that method must be a bit more civilized than what I had to do to get these to pair with the reset button method, I’m going to remove one of mine from ST, and try again by looking in the correct place.

For the record though, catchall IS in Live Logging…all over the place. The only problem though is the fact that none of the catchall entries in there have anything to do with this particular device.

Thanks, but yes, I do know that.
However, in this particular case (I know you may have missed it; above somewhere), it wouldn’t have helped, because there was no NAMED device to click on in the flowing list of devices at the top. The whole point was that I was supposed to be looking for a specific piece of text in the logs in order to locate this device so that I could give it my own name. Obviously, that’s a moot point now, because I was looking in the wrong place anyway. :slight_smile:

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You have to look in the events log in the hub. But I take it you figured that out?

Is it possible to pair Xiaomi devices over a repeater? I have one out of reach of the hub that fell off on the last hub update and id rather not have to pull it off the window

Long ethernet cable.

You can also pop the case of the xiaomi sensor and the device can then be removed from the case relatively easy. You can then take it to the hub.

I’ve had no luck getting them to connect via a repeater (ST Outlet).

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I didn’t mean Live Logging.

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I took a chance and placed an order from Zapals for a mi cube and it came today. Processing was slow because of some holiday, order placed 2/14 and got notification that it shipped 2/27. I received it in the mail today. If processing has resumed then turn around time would be about 2 or so weeks from shipping.

It was 11.99 + $0.82 for standard shipping.

Note: I get a couple of daily offer emails that go to my span folder, just fyi.

I just ordered a few buttons and sensors. Seems like a great deal!

And Gearbest has acknowledged that my buttons are probably lost in transit, and passed the responsibility off to the shipper…

Don’t order without insurance.

That sucks. I’ve received 3 orders from them and no issues.

Did you pay for tracked shipping? Should be pretty easy to tell if it’s the shipper’s fault based on tracking info. If it disappeared and stopped updating, shipper should resolve I would imagine.

Adding to the door sensor fun. I found this one that says ‘2pcs’… I’ve inquired if that means ‘two sensors’ or just ‘two parts’. If its two sensors, not bad at $7.99 for two.

Zapals is 1 sensor, 2 parts to it. They’re pretty deceptive in calling it 2pcs. There are a few answered questions on the listing stating it’s 1 sensor (last I checked anyway - maybe they delete the answers to keep deceiving folks?).

Edit: Looking now, I don’t see a feedback area on the listing, so maybe it was another online shop with the same listing. Or maybe they’ve deleted all reviews.

Edit 2: BangGood has all the questions about 1 or 2pcs. It’s 1 but listed as 2pcs.

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The 5 Xiaomi Smart Switches that I bought arrived a few days ago, and I have opened and paired two of them.
One of them continues to work just fine, but the other one keeps disconnecting, or something.

It pairs, and appears to work fine for a while, but at some point (I haven’t tracked it yet to get an exact time till BAD happens), it no longer does anything when I click it.

Do you think this is just ‘to be expected’ with things this cheap, or may something be else going on?

Well bummer… that’s what I suspected. I finally sprung on three from gearbest @ 6.99… Not expecting much and def. purchased the insurance :smiley:

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