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Xiaomi Curtain DTH(Partially openable) added Stop button

(Marcelo Menegaz) #23

I just tried and not worked for me as “Window Shade”. I´ve created a routine using “Open or close Window Shades”, with 50% open and nothing happens. But as “Switch” and set the dimmer 50%, worked well.
Thank you again!

(ShinJjang) #24

//I am sorry. I tried to fix that. but, I cann’t.
//It seems that the problem is that there are no attribute(setLevel) in the Window Shade capability.

I fixed the Routine to work when selected the window shade.

(ShinJjang) #25

I fixed the Routine to work when selected the window shade.


Thank you for this DTH! I got my Aqara curtain motor delivered today and initial testing is successful on opening, closing and stopping. Also, created a new test routine as window shade close to 50% worked fine. Now, I need to go order tracks to mate up with this motor.

(Marcelo Menegaz) #27

Great! Now it is really perfect! Excellent job! Thank you!

(Eddy) #28

Hey guys,
Good stuff… i am also interested in getting the xiaomi curtains, however i kind of hesistant.
The power source is what is bothering me right now.
I see that it comes with bare wires, how to you guys connect it to a wall outlet?

Also my closest outlet is like 3 m away from my window, i doubt the cable is long enough.
Any ideas on how i can extend this?

(ShinJjang) #29

Your expectations are correct. You have to buy extra wires. Plugs and insulation tape are also required. Fortunately, the connection is very easy.Please refer to the link below. Linked sites are in Korean. You can see the pictures.


It wasn’t too hard to do if you’re somewhat handy around the house. Here is my installation repurposing an old surge protector rated for 15A. It was almost 9’ of cord plus the 3’-4’ that came with the Aqara Curtain motor so I had about '13 feet of power cord to reach my wall outlet running along my window/baseboard casings. It’s worked out well for my 3.2meter living room window that I’ve ordered a second set of tracks and another aqara curtain motor for the master bedroom window. Nice to have it open x minutes after sunrise and close y minutes after sunset along with adjusting to z% instead of fully open/close positions when needed along with voice control from Alexa.

(Eddy) #31

Thanks, your explication was exactly what i am looking for.
So it is recommended to soder and individually wrap each wire, would electrical tape suffice for this (for the 3 wires)?

Also for tracks, which one did you got?


You can use electrical tape like ShinJjang shows in his linked articles. I prefer to solder for a stronger splice and use heat-shrink tubes since it would be uglier to use wire nuts when I opt to not solder. I got my tracks from aliexpress so any of the sellers who carry the motor will carry the compatible aqara tracks. I wall mounted my tracks so had to purchase wall brackets since the tracks only included ceiling mounts.

(Pablo Gux) #33

You can also check the installation procedure here (only in Spanish, but should be visual enough):


How does this work with HomeKit?

If I connect it to homebridge via the xiaomi gateway it is no longer connected to samsung smartthings.

P.S. I was able to added in smarthings and then via home bridge in HomeKit with this device handler successfully. So far everything works great.


(Saif Alharrasi) #35

Hi @ShinJjang
Thank you for your woking well.

This is DTH ???

I’m planning to buy Xiaomi Curtain motor with Tracks.
Can you give me link of products ?? which you are bought.


(ShinJjang) #36

I bought Curtain motor at GearBest. But now that is expensive more than AliExpress.

Curtain motor

Curtain track

(Saif Alharrasi) #37

Thanks @ShinJjang
That Curtain track link, the shipping cost is expensive :slight_smile:

I think this one is same right ??
Xiaomi Super Silent Electric Curtain Track

(Marcelo Menegaz) #38

Sorry to bother you with this again once you’ve done a great job.
I tested the routine and it worked. But the open and close buttons are reversed. And the reverse mode is not working. The main button are not working too. Are this happening with you too?

(ShinJjang) #39

I fixed it. Please try again. If it still does not work, say again.

(ShinJjang) #40

Sorry. I could not check the shipping cost. Your link is the same product.

(Saif Alharrasi) #41

@ShinJjang Thank you very much

(Mark) #42

I too purchased the Xiaomi track, but after I received it, I realized that the track has runners with “o-rings” that hang down to attach curtains. My existing curtains have a fabric tape with snaps (male) on them. I have been driving myself crazy trying to find a piece that snaps (female) to the curtain tape and can hook into the o-ring. How did everyone else hang/connect your existing curtains to the Xiaomi carriers/track? The seller in China is telling me that “other customers have figured it out”, but won’t (or can’t) say how. :confused: This is not really a home automation or SmartThings problem, but I’m out of ideas, and will take any that you all can muster.