Xiaomi cube disconnects

I have two Xiaomi Mi Cubes and like them a lot—when they work. One of them has now stopped sending events to the hub, for the second time. The first time this happened (same cube), I reset the cube, then re-registered it with the hub. Unfortunately I also had to re-register it with Webcore, then had to remove the “old” cube from the 7 webcore pistons that were using it, then reprogram the pistons to use the new cube. This was a pain, and it’s happening again.

So I have a few questions:

  1. is there a quicker way of reprogramming the pistons when this happens?

  2. is there anything that can help prevent this from happening, or at least reduce its probability? Of course I could buy another cube and see if I get luckier.

  3. is it possible to see if the cube is still sending events and what they look like? Offhand I can see these possibilities: 1. the cube is stuck and is not sending events; 2. the cube is sending events but decided to change its network ID so it’s no longer paired or recognized; 3. the cube hasn’t changed and something else failed in the pipeline.

I suspect 1, in which case I wonder if and how I can get the cube unstuck without changing its network ID.

This is all! Thanks much.