Xiaomi / Aqara zigbee button - how to join mode

It’s an Aqara Smart Wireless Wall Switch, model WXKG02LM, correct?

First, you will need to install my custom device handler for it to work correctly in SmartThings. Please see towards the bottom of this post:

There are actually two revisions of the Aqara Smart Wireless Wall Switch, the 2016 revision, and then the 2018 revision. The 2016 revision only supports single-press, while the 2018 revision supports single & double-press, and hold. See my above linked post for details about the functionality of the two revisions. With both revisions, there is no small reset/pairing button, because you use one of the large buttons themselves to pair:

To put the 2016 revision Aqara Smart Wireless Wall Switch in pairing mode, hold one of the buttons for about 5 seconds until you see the LED blink. Wait a second and then the LED will light again. If it blinks a few times, the pairing was successful, and if only one long flash, then it didn’t pair. You will know it paired successfully because afterwards when you press either button, it’s LED will flash.

To put the 2018 revision in pairing mode, you need to hold one of the buttons longer, about 15-18 seconds, again until you see the LED blink. The rest is the same as explained above for the 2018 revision.

Unfortunately there is no way to know which revision you have until it is paired with SmartThings, and here’s a post where I explain how to figure out which one you have:

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