Xiaomi Aqara Sensors - Review Overview

After buying just 1 Original Xiaomi Sensor I decided after seeing the huge DH backing going on at the moment here: Original & Aqara Xiaomi Zigbee Sensors (contact, temp, motion, button, outlet, leak, etc)

I would bit the bullet and buy an array of the next gen Aqara sensors. They seem to pair better and look better built.
I have bought 5 Motion, 2 buttons, 2 leak detectors, 1 Contact Sensor and 1 light switch (not sure how well that will work!)

At only £100 delivered this is as cheap as 2-3 items through other companies. Also from my experience of the Original sensor the build quality looks great.

Coin is Pound Sized (Good old trolley token!)

First thing to note is the instructions are not in English at all.

Water Sensor - I opened this first I was shocked to see just how small this really is. its tiny, solid and looks good too (not that you will see it)
The Button - was no disappointment either its not tiny but looks clean and solid (I reckon you could tread on it and it will survive)
The sensor - is as expected with the upgrade of an actual button not a hole and the very tidy little stand for mounting almost anywhere. I am hoping the Lux meter will work on the DH when I install
Door contact - This is smaller than expected and looks very tidy. This will be used in my attic (furthest point from my hub so will be a good test on how it performs.
Light Switch - I took a chance on this as its only £20 and want to test 2 options. Connected to an actual light source to control like a Fibaro/Aeon module and if given power but no switched live can it act as a dumb wall switch (great as you would not need to change the batteries and use it to control a Hue Bulb) its a very clean modern look too and again feels very solid unlike my Devolo unit that keeps popping off buttons.

I will update this thread as I pair them all and then update when they have been running for a few weeks too. Worst case is the DH needs refining but at least I can give time where possible

Hopefully this thread can be used to help people looking for sensors ETC. I found looking for pictures and info of these was like a needle in a haystack in the DH thread.

UPDATE - all paired fine (not tried switch yet wil do at the weekend)

I find a reset then just press away it shows up in 10-20 secs.

I’m finding some have no battery. Going to leave them an hour as I know the battery report is not regular. But I would have expected something on pair. Will update. Lux on Motion seems to work. Will monitor it as if any good will be nice for having dimmer or brighter lights on Motion and potential day time Motion on dark rainy days.

The contact sensor is cool and can read the magnet from about 5 positions meaning you can mount it in multiple ways even in a corner. It’s small vs the ST contact. But only is a contact.

Water needs little to work. Just enough to connect. And condensation shouldn’t set it off.

Time will tell.


The original button seems to work better than the aqara button. The aqara does bot send a press event, only a release.

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Here are some close up of the sensors.

Motion Sensor

Water Sensor



Contact Sensor


Light Switch

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I had heard that but the I thought I read that was a DH issue in the end.

Antony, where did you buy them (I’m in the UK too)

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How many input volts does the dual switch need to function? Here in the USA we have 120v input.


Gear best. First one was from banggood and took 3 weeks

These were 1 1/2

This one is 240v. Not sure if they do 120. It will be a different zigbee frequency I think too.

Yes I don’t think there is a 120v on the USA frequency, but I will look around.

Zigbee is the same frequency worldwide, the only regional difference is the allowed transmission strength. The US allows for much stronger transmissions then the UK/EU do.

That said, the issue with zigbee is what profile is it using. I believe at least some of the Aqara model line were certified to the ZHA profile (the same one that smartthings uses), while the original were only intended to be used with their own hub and so are “manufacturer proprietary” and not guaranteed to work with any other hubs. Hence some of the quirkiness.

Voltage and wiring standards, of course, are a separate issue altogether for the mains powered devices.

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You are right the aqara are meant to be of the right standard. But apparently it’s still not perfect and is non standard. But once attached it’s generally ok.

And for the price of these you really get a quality solid well designed item.

It’s shocking how well build a £10 item is. Puts bigger companies to shame. The aeon sensor 6 is not actually that well built. And I hope they have less False positives over the ST sensors. And the added lux is a nice touch.

They do a battery switch and if as well built would be better than the devolo option.


All sensors now mounted and they really are cute. The mounts are great and adjustable. Works where ever you want to mount it. Wall or ceiling.

The dual switch needed to be added using catch all but works perfectly well when added. Although the 2 switches are not properly controllable. I would recommend only using a single in the future unless the DH gets a much needed upgrade.

But the switch is solid. Only other floor is the switch is noisy. A loud click when it’s turned on/off.

But I now have my extension working off Motion. Happy days.

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I thought an update would be good. In all the sensors are all great. I have 1-2 motion sensors that seem to drop off every now and then but in general they work. All my other items, contacts, light switches, water sensors are solid and never have an issue.

I most like the wired Neutral switches. they are instant and so reliable even though the hardest to get connected.

Still for the price… worth it.

Hi mate, just got the door sensor, how did you add yours? I can get a ‘thing’ to appear and can edit this, but what type did you change yours to as i cannot see a zigbee window sensor, only some other brands which if i use the sensor always shows as open, any help?

you need to add the code in the top of the post and then in the IDE you can change it to the right sensor setup.

Just seen that!! Thanks buddy

@Behold81 - how has that, specifically, worked out for you? Were you able to power the switches from mains power but disconnect it from load? I’d love real smart control of Hue bulbs from a physical light switch, and this seems like the best method I’ve stumbled across.

It works flawlessly as a load switch and activates remotely perfectly. I would only go one blade as the second switch does nothing due to ST not working with it.

I am tempted more with Hue Switches for Hue bulbs due to speed and no need for the internet to make them work.

But I see no reason why it will not work with no load