Xiaomi aqara sensor with Samsung home connect

I bought Samsung home connect pro all motion sensors working fine except xiaomi window and door sensor they connect very well without any issue using device Handler in one hour after device goes unavailable and never connects back unless I have to remove and reconnect again any help really appreciate that.i have 15 off them all dos same thing.please help help help ----==

I am sorry to say that the Samsung Home Connect may just not work with Xiaomi Zigbee devices, because it is different from the SmartThings v2 hub and also uses different firmware.

Please see my post here for more information and quotes from other Samsung Home Connect users who were unable to keep Xiaomi devices connected.

Thank you very much. For a quick reply that’s what I was thinking but my question is if it works 1 hour without any problem is doing on off is detect motion and does all functions properly exactly after 1 hour it just goes offline I’m pretty much newbie with these things but I was thinking it maybe there is a small change will help us I hope someone can take a look appreciate in advance your help and reply

Only SmartThings would be able to make a change that would help, and I don’t think it’s likely that will happen because the issue with Xiaomi devices dropping their connection is because they don’t behave as Zigbee devices are supposed to.

Here’s the explanation from a SmartThings Software Engineer:

(a partial quote from this forum post)

So as you can hopefully see from the above explanation, even though the Xiaomi devices seem to work fine for the first hour, the hub is looking for a different kind of check-in message from the device, which Xiaomi devices send either every 50 or 60 minutes. Then, because the Xiaomi device doesn’t re-join as requested, the connection is dropped.

In the current firmware of the SmartThings v2 hub, it appears that Xiaomi devices are allowed to keep their connection when they check-in with the hub, while on other SmartThings hub products, such as the Home Connect or SmartThings Link for NVIDIA Shield, probably send the leave and rejoin request which results in the lost connection.

Thank you very much for the quick reply and thanks for all the information which was really helpful I just call Samsung technician he was on phone more than 45 minutes he was trying to help me but he could not and he was trying to put everything on xiaomi device but I said to him this is not device problem this is the Hub issue because if device was working fine with SmartThings Hub 2 why is not working with newer model that’s mean there’s problem with Samsung home connect pro or with the firmware and he was agree with that and he told me engineer trying to fix this problem hopefully we will get back to you

It’s not Xiaomi fault or ST fault. You are using non compliance device and expect ST to support it.

It work then count your self lucky.

Is there firmware update for samsung home connect to make xiaomi sensor work with it ?

There is new firmware release just 2 days ago for Samsung home connect pro version 22.52 I’m going to confirm that all xiaomi device working with new firmware no connection drop I am testing since 2 days there’s no problems so far everything was fine all device without any issue no connection drop