Xiaomi aqara- Motion- Help, thoughts, Worth it?

Bought 3 Xiaomi Aqara motion a few months back- they will not play nice when home power has been lost. Two of them cannot restore by resetting, deleting, or waking up.

Anyone seeing this with these devices?

While deleting and restoring is not a deal breaker, they will simply no longer work after that. I’m also seeing their price increase- so I need to decide whether or not they worth what I’m allegedly saving by buying them at a low price.

I’d be interested to see if others are seeing this, your thoughts, and what are some evaluation of these devices.

not worth it in the long run.

So, if you’re making that decision, consider Xiaomi devices are not compliant to Zigbee HA protocols. They’re designed to work with thier own devices - and they don’t really play well with others. There’s a TON of info on the community site where you’ll see lots of people going to great lengths to FORRCE them to work by buying specific repeaters and using specific device handlers to modify the device behavior.

In short - if it were my decision to make - I’d go a different direction.

More info here:

Some models in The Aqara line is now zigbee 3.0 certified. But still really only intended to work with their own gateway.


Edited to update as @Automated_House notes below that not all of the devices have been certified.

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only the Aqara T1 sensors and switches. The sensors are not for sale yet (that i’ve seen)

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The Xiaomi Mijia sensors coming out are also 3.0. So far I just got the light sensor, and it works with ST but needs a custom DTH.

All I know about Xiaomi Mijia is that they are a new sub brand by Xiaomi from what I’ve been able to read.


(I’m not promoting them, I’m just sighting the source for the sensor I got)