Xiaomi Aqara Light Control Smart Switch work or NOT with ST


not it still 1 button working only…

But Today I will try delete it and I will reinstall them again. Then, I will see.

Can you give steps (step by step) and DH of Aqara 2 Button , Simulated Switch , Smart App and virtual switch DH.??
or link…

maybe I miss some things!!

thank you for backing and asking.

  1. Pair the switch (which you know how to do)
  2. install the device handler by simic (2 button aqara switch)
  3. install smart app by erocm123 : Virtual Device Sync
  4. open the smart app, it should find two end points. It will create two switches, on top of the switch already in your ‘things’. only one of these will work. Delete the other.

How it works - You can make either physical switch turn on and off from a trigger or from a smart app. You cannot get the the switches to independtly trigger routines etc as smarthings parses a physical press as the same thing from both buttons.

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Thank you very much.
yesterday I was busy. for that I will try today to do it. :slight_smile:


Please Can you explain this more for me :slight_smile:

Lets call the physical switches 1 and 2. From your smartphone with the instructions above, you can control 1 and 2.

However, if you press the physical switch 1, your phone will see that. Press physical switch 2, it will see switch one press, not switch 2, as smartthings cant distinguish between the physical pressed due to the system.

Thank you for your explanation :slight_smile:

I will inform you soon what will happen.


it is still same problem. NOT work

By ST App ::::
When I switch on or off for both switchs, I can see That changes in “Current States” of Aqara Device for both switchs. But one light (one switch) only work.

Physically ::
all switch and light are works normally.

Did you thing the problem in Aqara switch…???

I think we have tried everything :frowning:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have been using this light switch for a month or so and all seems to work fine for me - EXCEPT if I physically turn the lights on at the switch - ie turn on left hand switch then right hand or vice versa, the net result is that both lights are ON but in the app it reports them as off.

What I am seeing is that if I PHYSICALLY turn the ‘main’ light ON it shows correctly as ON in the app, if I then PHYSICALLY turn the second switch to ON then within the app it flicks quickly to ON then back to OFF and the other switch also goes to OFF.

Hence the app is not showing the true real state of the switch. This snapshot shows the device events - in this instance I PHYSICALLY turned both switches on, as you can see they flick to ON and then report OFF again immediately (although the light is still actually ON!)

Any ideas on this ?

Sorry for late reply.:no_mouth:

Really, I don’t have any idea about the reason of that.
Please, inform me if you solve it.
If note, I think @adam_walker can help you.

Up to day, I didn’t get solution for my problem. When I turn switch on one of them or both physically, that show me the main switch is ON in app. But, the secondary switch is still off. I think it should be ON if I turn on physically the second light!! Right???

After I installed the TWO virtual switch, one of them control the secondary switch correctlly. But it is still not control the second light. In app, Only the main switch is working for one light.

I wasn’t able to get the second button to be controlled by ST either, but I bought an Osram mini switch and it seemed to turn most of my stuff off all at once.

I’m not sure if this helps anyone, as I don’t know a lot about it, but the screenshot is from the live log when I press the Osram mini switch and both of those lights go off.