Xiaomi aqara button only registers "Released" instead of "Pushed"

Can you share which Aqara Button model you are using? The model is printed on the back. There are two models, lumi.sensor_switch.aq2 and WXKG12LM :

If you are using model WXKG11LM, then there are two revisions. You can find the revision model by doing this:

  1. Log into your hub’s SmartThings Groovy IDE
  2. Click on the My Devices tab:
  3. Click on the name of your button in the Display Name column, for example:
  4. In the device details page for your button, look for the Data section and find the text next to "Model: ", for example:

If the text is lumi.sensor_switch.aq2, you have the original revision of model WXKG11LM.

If the text is lumi.remote.b1acn01, you have the new revision of model WXKG11LM.

Please let me know which model you are using.

However, for BOTH models of the Aqara Button, if you are using a SmartThings v2 or v3 hub you should use the bspranger device handler (DTH) version 1.4.2b. As mentioned by @Zach_Varberg, there is more information about my update to the DTH here.

The display of “pushed” or “released”, etc. in the SmartThings classic mobile app is just for visual feedback. You should check the recent events in the “Recently” tab in the mobile app, like this:

The message “Was Single-Clicked (Button 1 Pushed)” confirms that the physical button push resulted in a SmartThings event which can be used with SmartApps for automations.

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