Xfinity 3400-x A & B buttons

If anyone knows how to subscribe to a keypress or keyhold on this device, could you kindly post the code. My attempts have all failed. I want to use the A and B buttons to perform some tasks.
Thank you

My attempts
subscribe(thekeypad, ‘button’, buttonHandler)
subscribe(thekeypad, ‘numberOfButtons’, buttonHandler)
Also looked at code in SmartAlarm, Keypad DTH and Keypad manager without figuring it out.

You should look at what @bamarayne is doing.

Why? What am I doing? You can’t prove! There’s no video!

I can help you figure that out.

So you never got around to setting up that echo show in your bathroom after all?

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Not a chance! The wife freaked when she found the seven hidden cameras… Just imagine what she’d do with the show!

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I say you start by “compromising” and agree to keep the drop-in setting turned off. That’s how she knows you’re serious about privacy. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the offer. I installed your code, setting it up to turn lights on/off when the off / partial keys are pressed. My Xfinity keypad varies from the Iris, and pressing the A (Iris *) B (Iris Panic) The Stay, Away and Sleep (iris partial???) icon buttons did nothing. Xfinity has no Off button. So I looked at your code and created a small SmartApp with
subscribe (thekeypad, “codeEntered”, buttonHandler)
The button handler put out a notification only when a four digit pin was entered.


Use the live logs to see what your keypad is logging with the button presses. Then write your code to use that.

Nothing shows for a single keypress, only get something with 4 digit pins

7:22:24 PM: debug Received arm command with keycode/armMode: 9854/0
7:22:24 PM: debug Parsing ‘catchall: 0104 0501 01 01 0140 00 2DBB 01 00 0000 00 00 00043938353401’

Gave up on attemping to use a single key press on the Xfinity 3400-X keypad. Wrote a very simple Smartapp to toggle two lights on or off when pin codes 0000 or 1111 are entered.

I tried using the Keypad Coordinator, however the Xfinity 3400-X does not send anything when only the icon (Stay, Away, Night) status key is pressed, nor does it have an “Off” or “Panic” key. Alarm off is created by entering a valid pin code without first pressing an icon key.