X10 Rex barking dog device

I still have one of these, basically a speaker that plays sound of barking dog when appropriate X10 device triggered (came with one motion sensor to trigger it also). It’s the only X10 device I don’t have a replacement for. This would be perfect while on vacation if any motion sensors trigger, start the barking.

Any of you old X10 guys know if there are any special settings or hacks to make the Rex start barking when power turned on so I could use it with a zwave outlet? I found the manual but couldn’t figure out any what to do it with the test modes.

I know Sonos can play sounds, but they are too much money IMO. I haven’t had much luck with the Android LANannouncer either.


these are too dangerous. People will get hurt laughing themselves to death. I think they were recalled by manufacturer.

Open it up - maybe you can jumper the action.