WyzeCam interesting

If they did all of that… I’d easily pay 50

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They have some interesting stuff in the pipeline, even outside of cameras.


Wyze has indicated that the outdoor camera under development will support both battery mode and plugin mode.


Wyze integration with ST moved from “researching” to “maybe-later.” :cry:

That stinks! Even though, if they do RTSP and we can just integrate it with Blue Iris, it will be able to work with Action Tiles and we can create our own integration into ST.

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:cry: is a bad news!!

FWIW - Samsung is not even supporting their own cameras anymore - (I have a Samsung SmartCam which is working for now, but I couldn’t readd it if I needed to). They are only supporting Arlo. So - my guess is that there are pretty high entry barriers…

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Well the V3 hub doesn’t even have the VideoCore anymore so in reality if Wyze gets RTSP then we can just add it through the ‘Generic IP Camera’ DTH I believe.

Personally when I am talking about integration at this point, I’m hoping for ST to get control over the camera and its functions, not necessarily getting the video stream into the ST app. Like for example being able to arm/disarm the camera, use motion notifications and so on.

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Anyone had problems connecting with their Echo Show? Mine connect in the app but stopped showing on my Fire HD 8 in show mode or my Echo Show.

Mine have also stopped working on the Fire HD 10

Got mine working by unplugging and re plugging them.

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can u make it work on Fire HD in action tiles without using TinyCam?

I never could, and never got TinyCam working either.

Has anyone with development expertise tried to reach out to wyze to see if they would let you develop an Integration? Tiny Cam pro appears to have had success and I think they were taking with stringify developers recently (saw a Facebook post where stringify said they would write it if given API and ithink oath2)

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Night vision works great for me on wyzecam v2

With micro SD card installed, there is continuous recording, so you can just check the time stamp on the motion notification and view the playback before or after the notification was triggered.

I understand that, however as a security camera that just doesn’t don’t it for me. If the camera is destroyed or stolen, then that MicroSD card does me no good. As a baby monitor, or a camera to check in on my dogs this is a no brainier. However, I would never use it with the limitations they imposed on it as a security camera.

There are wyze cloud recordings too. I just unplugged my cameras and went into the app , viewed “notifications” from a few days ago. There are motion sound smoke and CO alert settings (smoke CO only on newer cameras I think)

The SD card is used when you go into the “view timeline ”

There is a 15 second recording then a 5 minute cool down before another cloud recording will happen. If that passes muster for you, that’s great. Unfortunately for me, that just kills it as a security camera. It’s a great little camera, I just wish they would offer a cloud storage option instead of forcing a single model on everyone.

IMHO their advertising is very misleading because they love to tout their 14 days of cloud storage, but the five minute cool down is almost nowhere to be found. Again, this is a nice little camera, but the way they have their cloud storage set up just does not work for me. Not knocking the hardware, more the company decision on the five minute cool down between cloud recordings. If they ever got rid of that, I would buy a bunch of these.