WyzeCam interesting

Just saw a new camera the WyzeCam

20 dollars from them, and 29 dollars on Amazon. I am thinking of buying one just to see. If we can get them them to work with SmartThings that would be great.


Does look interesting.

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At that price point (I’m speculating here!) it is probably locked down to be used only with their cloud subscription.

Hope that isn’t the case!

I ordered one to try it out. … I have not seen anything about integration with another service yet, but at this price I am sure it won’t be too long.


Please let us know how it works out. They seem to be promising a lot for only 20 bucks.

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Just order one too.
Looking forward to a custom SmartApp and DTH!

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They’re saying there are some serious limitations to the recording, particularly that it seems to be limited to 6 seconds buffer and 6 seconds of video, or 12 seconds total, with a lengthy cooldown period, so that it’s not ideal for any sort of home security at all.

In testing, we walked around in front of the camera for about a minute, yet it never saved more than the first 12 seconds. There also seems to be a rather lengthy “cool down” period, which prevents multiple motion alarms from being triggered in a row. If somebody breaks into your home, you better hope they turn their face toward the camera within the first 12 seconds — actually, more like the first 6 seconds, considering the prerecord function.

For 20 dollars, Worth playing around with… Heck this will work good for a real time camera with two way audio to watch over my elderly dad.

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Reading the Q&A on Amazon, it does seem like that feature may be coming in a future update:

Question: Can I view the video on through a website on a non mobile device or is it through the app only?

Answer: Right now the WyzeCam (live stream, etc) only works through the Wyze app on a mobile device. It doesn’t work through a website. If you sign up for our newsletter on our website, we will send out updates when new features like this become available in the future.


That’s what I read from most reviews… it makes for a good baby / pet monitoring camera, and for the price you end up with a semi-decent glut of 12 second clips going back a couple of weeks.

I’m sure the hardware is lackluster and doesn’t have a whole lot of features for the price, but this might be one of those things that you buy because there’s potential that someone will hack the crap out of it and give you a decent device for a really cheap price.

I guess time will tell :slight_smile:


OK… done some more research. It looks like the hardware is the “Xiaofang” camera made by Xiaomi. Wyze is just a cloud service on top of that. There are a number of hacks out there for Xiaofang… will have to see if it is worth it to replace the Wyze service.

The Xiaofang camera is also sold on gearbest.com. Shipping from gearbest usually takes ~1month.


If you install an SD card in the camera it will continuously record from what I read. That would be useful.

I ordered a couple. For that price it is worth just to view live video if necessary.


This is another certified knockoff of the iSmart Alarm “spot” camera, practically the same features for a fraction of the price. Fyi I have the spot camera there is no rtsp feed so I doubt this version will support it either.

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What the reviews are saying is that with the SD card you can do continuous recording and save it locally rather than the burst type that go to the cloud.

Those recordings are allegedly only accessible via the camera app though, so it’s not like you can tap into the feed.

I just meant that there would be longer recordings if you needed to access them. Not necessarily from ST. It might be possible to extract the recordings from the SD for storage elsewhere. Don’t know that, but will see what happens. Just the fact that these are so cheap makes it worthwhile for me to have some live video for a couple places. Even if it is just thru the app.

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I have to remove the sd card to access the continuous recordings.

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I received my Wyze cam yesterday and setup was less then a minute. It is awesome for the price, especially because it includes infrared vision.

Unfortunately there is no way to activate/deactivate it and you can only view it via the Wyze app at this time (i have not done any mods yet.

Maybe I will just plug it into a smart outlet for now and have the outlet turn it on as soon as the SHM is armed…


I received mine today, for $20 it does everything I would expect a $20 HD WIFI camera to do. I am very curious about the fang-hacks and if they would work on this model of the camera. Let me know if you learn anything. I may try it out this weekend and see if I can unlock RSTP on this thing.

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so you can’t view the SD recordings with their app? quite cumbersome having to remove the SD just to view footage, that’s a dealbreaker

That’s how it was for the ismart alarm branded version of this camera. I haven’t gotten my waste camera yet