Wyze RTSP integration

@RBoy and @tgauchat are you planning to integrate Waze cams?

This just came in email:


Product Updates

Good news, we just released a new app update! In Wyze 2.3, we’ve checked off two more items from the list of features highly requested by you: Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) & Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

RTSP opens up a lot of possibilities for how you can use your Wyze Cam. It gives you the ability to connect a Wyze Cam video stream to your own devices outside of the Wyze app. Looking to set up network storage for 24/7 recording? Set up a monitoring station on your PC? Make a personal video telecom system in your house? RTSP can be used for all of these and much more.

Getting set up with RTSP requires you to download a specialized firmware and gets pretty technical, so we only suggest using it if you are fairly tech-savvy. You can learn more about it here.

i think you would still need a server like TinyCam pro or Blue Iris … to convert RTSP to MJPEG. Atleast the source (camera) media will be local and not have to come through the cloud…

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You are correct. The server is needed for Action Tiles.
I do like how @RBoy integrated Foscams, and he could develop Device Handler for WyzeCams., as these cams are becoming popular due price and features. Also, Wyze cams are also acting as hubs now for their new line of sensors. This could be a great addition to SmartThings.


Sadly, because of the limited amount of space for the firmware, the RTSP firmware is feature-frozen to the WyzeCam v2’s feature set as of December 2018.

This means all new features added after December 2018 won’t be included in the RTSP firmware, which includes the cam acting as a hub for Wyze’s new sensors and bulbs.

Also, although the RTSP firmware has been officially released, it is still very much a work in progress - see this post on the RTSP Roadmap thread on the Wyze forums.

ActionTiles doesn’t integrate any particular brand of camera (except for an experimental integration for public Nest Cams

We just provide a Media Tile which is capable of streaming whatever can be embedded in an <img> tag. Unfortunately, for most browsers, that means only MJPEG for streaming, and GIF, PNG, JPEG for stop-motion timed refreshing snapshots.

We’re surprised Wyze even bothered to implement RTSP because it is somewhat off-brand for a cloud-centric company. There are a lot of brands of cloud cameras (Arlo, Nest, Ring, …) which do not offer RTSP, and those companies are doing just fine.

We wish, however, since Wyze implemented RTSP, that they would also have added direct MJPEG output, but that was just a dream. MJPEG is a rather inefficient format (especially for high-resolution).

Fact is that browsers have not gotten on board and added native support for RTSP. I really don’t know why.

In the meantime, as other comments mentioned, the opening up of RTSP gives you more options for using a transcoder on your network, other than just tinyCam Monitor Pro. Customers using Blue Iris for other camera brands have expressed that they have experienced a relatively high level of stability in ActionTiles. Perhaps this will also be the case with Wyze Cameras streaming RTSP.

The Beta still doesn’t work with Blue Iris, video still stops after 2 or 3 minutes.

Any updates on getting Wyze cam integrated with SmartThings?


On a second thought, I will Not be needing it any longer. I am using Wyze with Hubitat via their IFTTT integration and it is a lot faster with events than SmartThings are or will be.

If Wyze is working via IFTTT, won’t ST also be able to access it the same way?


Hi @RBoy,

That it does. My point is that I don’t have any belief that SmartThings will ever deliver on their promises. You RBoy are one of the few original people here who still try.

As for me, my wife tossed my old SmartThings hub into the trash and now I am happy to be using Hubitat with out the useless SmartThings cloud which failed my family for the last time.

The grass is definitely Greener on this side of the fence.

I also enjoy using Wyze cames with my Google Assistant.
All I need to say.
“Hay Google, show me the Driveway camera” and it plays the stream on my living room TV.

How about them apples? Blink still doesn’t work that way for me and I have 3 cameras active. For now.

Alexa does this as well with wyze and ring. No ST or hubitat needed.


Please utilize appropriate electronics recycling services.


Thanks :blush: @tgauchat,

It has already been squashed by the good people of the New York sanitation department via their smelly garbage truck.