Wyze lock in ST

Do any one know if the new WYZE lock will be possible to get in ST, it dont seems like theres is an fix yet ?

Isn’t currently possible

It uses Bluetooth and Zigbee right? To talk to it’s gateway… I wonder if you can connect the gateway to ST?
I have the lock and keypad but have not installed and tested yet.

No, for the same reason that you can’t connect the IKEA or Sylvania or Xioami gateways to the SmartThings hub.

The Zigbee profile that smartthings uses only allows for one “coordinator“ per network. There’s no way to connect two hubs together.

Philips Hue is different because the connection is made via The local LAN, and the two Zigbee networks are kept separate.

It will connect directly to Amazon Alexa. So if you create a virtual switch and have Alexa turn that switch on/off when you lock/unlock it you can have SmartThings react to the state of the lock.

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