WYZE CAM considering SmartThings integration

Outstanding!! Very happy to see this moving forward.

Only in your world :rofl:

I have it working with a virtual switch in ST.

Excellent news!

Unfortunately if this than that has now become a paid service. I can’t make this work using only the three free actions. Therefore, an actual integration would be very helpful

Sure… Not sure why you’re dredging up a post I made 20 months ago…but sure, I agree that IFTTT has really screwed things up. It would be great if Wyze chose to open up their integration options. Heck, I’d be thrilled if they enhanced their Amazon Alexa integration to allow more features to be controlled in Alexa Routines. At least that way, Wyze devices could be integrated with many home automation platforms.


:100: This is one of the reasons I opted to give IFTTT $3/month for Pro. It’s the only integration I can trigger a Wyze recording from.


I don’t know why SmartThings is not doing this integration natively now. I know that Hubitat has a native connection and that Home Assistant can integrate with the bridge directly too. We just need to be able to connect the bridge to the ST hub using the USB port that as far as I know is not used. Well use it.

Well, there are a couple of reasons that I can think of why this is not going to happen.

  1. Wyze does not have an API available to allow third parties access to their system
  2. The Wyze Sense Bridge is no longer being sold by Wyze, as their new v3 Wyze Cam does not have a USB port on it. Wyze has indicated that a new solution is forthcoming, but I have yet to see a new product formally announced.
  3. Samsung is no longer making SmartThings hardware. Thus, they may not have control over whether future hubs from third parties even have a USB port, let alone be able to use it.
  1. not all Wyze devices run through the old Wyze sense bridge.
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