WYZE CAM considering SmartThings integration

Please if you interested in this let them know :slight_smile:
It would be great to have another reasonable priced camera option
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Ooops, somehow didn’t see that :innocent:

Then c’mon people VOTE!

  • Wyze Labs has sold well over a million cameras by now; I presume the average number of cameras per customer is at most 3, so that’s 300,000 customers (and growing).

  • SmartThings also has about 1 million customers; only a very small portion use this or any other forum.

  • The intersection of the customers is, unfortunately, unlikely to be very large. Wyze Cam is only sold in the USA, a lot of ST customers are in the UK. A lot of SmartThings customers don’t even use cameras, and ST customers who have cameras are unlikely to urgently want to change brands.


  1. The likelihood of the Wyze Forum getting any significant number of votes for this is very low. At the moment it is < 500 = 0.05% of 1 million.

  2. Even if Wyze decided to try to extrapolate this number by trying to wild guestimate how few people are reached by the Forum, they are not likely to conclude that more than 1% of SmartThings customers are interested in Wyze Cam integration (based on voting; not based on perhaps some genuinely rigorous market research…).

  3. The incremental sales of Wyze Cam would thus be estimated as “insignificant” and unlikely to be worth the diversion of their development and partner integration resources. Samsung is not an easy company to work with - the list of officially integrated devices is rather short, relatively speaking.

  4. I think Wyze Cam isn’t even integrated with Google Home (yet). And there are over 50 million of those in the wild, and that number is growing rapidly. So that will soon by 100x the size of the SmartThings market.

You do the math.


That’s great again @tgauchat, so we may as well shoot ourselves then.

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LOL! Yea, Terry has quite a way with words, eh? :wink:

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@lifeisfun I am sure you are aware you can use IFTTT already to perform some level of integration with SmartThings, right? I use a virtual switch to “Turn On” and “Turn Off” my Wyze Cameras based on Mode of the house. I also configure whether my garage camera sends motion alert notifications to my phone based on Mode. This camera is on all of the time, but I don’t want to get spammed when we are at home.


Just injecting realism… Glass is half-empty.

You are amazing mathematician … Oh wait so you think
Good luck with that thinking

Not the type integration I like

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What type of integration do you want?

I would actually prefer if Wyze simply added a Webhook call whenever motion is detected (and when a few other events occur as well, like power on, power off, etc…) I could then use that webhook to call anything I wanted, like SmartThings, Hubitat, or anything else you might want to let know that the camera saw something, without requiring IFTTT in the middle. For Hubitat, this would allow the camera to make a HTTP call directly to the Hubitat Maker API via a LAN URL. For SmartThings, you’d have to hit a SmartApp with OAUTH enabled, or the “New SmartThings” API. For most users, this is too complicated, I realize. I am sure that is why they chose IFTTT to keep it simple and to integrate with so many other systems.


:laughing: … Just because you don’t like the answer, doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. Perhaps you can’t “handle the truth”?

Heck - I don’t know if I’m right. Just guesstimates.

But as a mathematician, I certainly welcome you to present alternative estimated numbers or whatever data you believe will be sufficiently convincing for Wyze to integrate with SmartThings. I’d love to have the integration!

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That’s the point, you have no data so making grand calculations is pointless.
You completely missed the point that there is no affordable camera on the market.
Why do you think people low those cheap Xiaomi/Aqara zigbee sensors?
Price of those doubled overnight when they started to worked with ST.

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What I hate is need for multiple apps. I like consolidation, having all control in one package same interface without the need to switch apps.
K.I.S.S that way it will be simple for all users.

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I have enough data to know that “SmartThings Customers” will still be a very small proportion of all “Wyze Cam Customers”, regardless of whether or not there is an integration; until such a time as the number of SmartThings Customers increases substantially. There just aren’t enough SmartThings Customers to make a difference (compared to the number of Alexa and Google Home Customers).

This is great :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Well, that’s you opinion and you are wrong :upside_down_face:

Oddly enough wyze has already looked at an integration with ST and they put it off for an undetermined amount of time… But they are integrated with Alexa and Google home is expected within weeks…

So, I’m thinking @tgauchat is way more right than you are.


Well, that just makes common sense, I can’t believe you would even need to point this out :exploding_head:
Obviously the market for novelty devices like GH and A is way bigger.
But they will not stop there.

I’m wondering why, if Wyze does not have a such a webhook call, to trigger motion or sound events, how is it possible that IFTTT has an Applet for the Wyze Cam? The IFTTT Apllet is capable to detect motion, sound, or siren. How the heck IFTTT could implement these triggers provided by the Wyze Cam, and Smartthings and the Smarthings community cannot. There must be a way, that we don’t know.

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