WWST certification


I am a newbie and am trying to create an edge driver for WWST certification. I would appreciate giving me some help.
I have read that pull requests for devices that use custom clusters in Zigbee will be denied. What does the term ‘custom cluster’ mean exactly? Does it refer to any cluster that is not part of the standard cluster sets defined in the Zigbee specification? For example, if I create an edge driver using the 0xEF00 cluster made by TUYA and submit a pull request, would this request be denied due to the use of a non-standard cluster?

I’ll flag this for @nayelyz and @AlejandroPadilla from Developer Support, as they are best placed to answer this.

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Hi @Dalgona13

We received the ticket that you sent to partners (1476539), we’ll continue communicating in the ticket, because maybe we need some private information.


I couldn’t find a suitable profile in the existing profiles, so I want to add a profile. Is it possible for me to write it? And, I have added a sub-driver. In this case, do I need to write code for integration tests?

Hi @Dalgona13

In the case you wish to create a new Device Profile, add a sub-driver, or add a new Edge Driver you need to send a mail to partners@smartthings.com before proceeding, this information is from Certify your device.

Also once you send the email, if you receive a ticket number, share it with us to talk with the team