WTH is today's cloud/hub update doing to my router?

I’m still using a v1 hub, about an hour ago I got a push notification that my hub is offline. OK fine, we got a heads up about this update and even though I have a v1 hub it includes cloud infrastructure stuff so presumably that’s why my hub is offline too (even though the hub can’t get firmware updates AFAIK).

Then shortly after, I got a push notification from the Blink app that my Blink sync module is offline. Then my Leeo device went offline. Then my kidde remotelync as well. I just tried to login remotely to my NAS and that’s not working either.

Could be a coincidence I guess, but is anyone else seeing their other internet devices getting knocked offline as ST pushes this update?

I haven’t had any issues yet, but I’m already on the 18.21 firmware. I did see that when I go to the IDE, I get a 503 error, so it seems that they are at least going through the cloud update.

No one at home to check out what’s going on. Could be that my internet connection just happened to go down this morning. But we rarely (if ever) lose internet coming through our time warner cable connection.

Definitely coincidence. Very unlikely one device on your network can take down your entire network. My hub was updated 30 minutes ago and all good within my network.

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Yeah I emailed support and they said pretty much the same thing. Just very strange timing, since as I mentioned we almost never lose our internet connection and definitely never lose power.

Guess I’ll have to see what happened when I get home.