WSJ Interviews SmartThings CEO

This was taken verbatim from Yahoo news article. I’m not sure what his point was, but I’m also worried about “sexuality of the phone” particularly when “the blonde locks the imagination about these things” :-)))

... I ... I ... it's something we're seeing the smartphone world is the contents can sexuality of the phone knowing more about ... the key ... the contents of the situation River seen them a bit with the Moto X it knowing what were doing ... how ... do you think that they're ... they're they're the best part of the smartphone platforms he was well that that that the bull nose ... actually and you want that to go on right now are dont wanna go I mean and how do we feel that intelligence an ... absolutely a man of the ... you know one of the rich things were doing in a flat from a season corollary is this the most powerful applications of those things that bring the other contacts so ... you know one example from this week ... it ... yet does that make a tackle for people were ... you know are are out as the steel location and safety offences you know when you're riding home ... some people is an app you can automatically unlock the doors when you're right um but you get the question of you know what are some the stole my phone and so ... odd because the Dublin up as integrated there is an integration to ... when you arrive home this whole thing will vibrate SA acting as health such a more you press the button on ads and that unlocks the door says like the two factors ... two factors tend to have the password is actually an so it's it that's context of IRA it's after step after seven am ... and ... this motion and outs of my kids bedrooms and the house wakes up as opposed to turning on the night lights because the US before so I think that context this ... is really important ... now ... and ... I like that you guys are talking about the wearable stuff in that context because ... that is RBC Center the theme of the shabby not easy putting ... all the Schenectady all over the place ... with the wearable stuff is or is ... it you think that's a big opportunity for ... integrating with the home ... if only I you know it it's it's the it's really about active life is much is about the connected home ... you know there's all these ways that are unexpected the CDs to the individual applications like the Unocal sensors ... and a door locked and the release of the richest opportunities for ... human beings are with those things intersect with one another so ... for us we have assisted the wearable strand another thing senior seeing these really great ... elements where the house knows his home ... you know I know this isn't a mass market example but at the party pals last night in L a Daily that ... the robot bartender was pouring drinks based on who made their staffs during the day said the water didn't make the steps and not the percentage of the cause of death ... I would I would always have water ... how is that no ... accidents or be ... at work and are hard is ... it that you can be increased by the wearable community ... it's just beginning I think it it you see examples that's why we have the house seriously see examples of action in it so the blonde locks the imagination about these things and so ... another good examples of wearable but the Sonus integration ... you know it's a wonderful son of music player example ... but when it can act like a dog barking when this motion a new front porch when you're away from home inside as it turned it really opens the mind about the intersection points yes it's a wearable says a lot like that there's a lot more uses to them than just that the screen applications and ... a few those who catch on again as of this but the richness of what's coming ...

This is really hard to read. Almost like a bad “language to language” translation with some randomness thrown in.

Ah - found this above the transcript of the video on the WSJ site:

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