Write my own code in WebCore?

I have been using WebCore to create automations and it is really cool, but I am getting hung up because I can’t seem to type what I want I have to rely on the tool to do things. This is especially frustrating cause I can’t figure out how to get $twcweather.conditions.temperature in one of my conditions. If I could type in what I want I would be cool, but the tool doesn’t let me type.

What am I doing wrong?

You may want look and post your question on the webcore forum as there are a few posts on the new weather variables. https://community.webcore.co

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I saw the variables, but it seems I have to type them in because they don’t show in the tool (outside of the high level $twcweather)

I’m not sure exactly what you are after but here is how accuweather appears in webcore for me. I have the Accuweather app in ST to make this available. It shows as any other temperature sensor in webcore.

@sainsworth do you know how the various Accuweather weather alerts are structured? I want to use WebCore to send a command to Echo Speaks to warn on particular alerts (Tornado Warning in particular). I can’t find anything online for the various Accuweather alert types. I really don’t want to wait for a real tornado warning to figure it out.

No not I have not investigated any of it. I simply use it to get the outside temp so I can adjust thermostats and such.

Maybe sign up to access the API to get look under the hood.


Goodness me, you made me write this up…

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