Would the HUB work in Sri Lanka?


I have a rental property in Sri Lanka that I’m trying to manage remotely from the US. I know the official sites states that the HUB only works in 4 regions at the moment.

Has anyone had any luck using the HUB out side of these regions, specifically in South Asia?


How stable is the internet connection? You need v good internet as most things run in cloud.

Internet is pretty stable. Also, I plan only to use the hub to control the front door lock. What do you think?

You should probably ask these guys: http://www.trc.gov.lk/

Noncommittal thoughts:
I did notice that it looks like they use 880 to 960 MHz for cell service.
So you may want to stay away from US Z-wave devices.
Zigbee at 2.4 ghz might be ok since personal wfi, bluetooth, etc all share it.

Or use a UK hub if it is the same zwave frequency.